It's about a girl who has a heart disease or respiratory problem and her mother beats her. She was set up to marry the son of a wealthy father who owned a hotel chain (not sure if it was in Korea, China, or Japan). The two ended up falling in love, but the girl faked her death in the ocean because she didn't want her mom to find out about them. There was another arc where she dressed up as a guy to join his gang in the hotel chain and he eventually figures out that she's disguised, but by the time he figures it out, she dies of her respiratory/heart problem before they can tell each other how they really feel.

It's like 20 parts long and I think the characters are Korean names.. I just know that it's a popular fiction online that many people have read. I just haven't read it in a long time and wanted to read it again. There's also an alternate ending the author added.

I think the title's "It was all because of love" or "It was out of love".. I can't remember.. Have any of you guys heard/read this story?

I'm looking for the title and the author if you know. Thank you. :]