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Thread: ''the second chance to get life back'' (story)

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    ''the second chance to get life back'' (story)

    As I touched the earth, im still feeling darkness hatred and sadness in my heart. A voiced telled that there will be dee who will help me to get back my soul. Why i asked? maybe i feel betrayed by my on soul and sins. I walked out and walked in circles i wasnt in the city i wasnt in a camp Where could i be? Evrything seemed so clean and full of life comparing to the normal time on the planet. I dint feel humans or my on ebing around me or alive, Am i the last human on earth? As i continue though the bast woods i find animals of a diferent kind. Owls without wings, dogs could fly and bears could howl just like a wolf. Did God made a transfer? One of them was looking at me and it was a type of bunny with a turtle shell, then it go hoping even faster than a cangaru i tried to follow him but i got lost. Will i rested i got surprised there was a same being of mine alive but when i try to get close some invincible wall doesnt let get closed. The human turned to me and it wasnt human it was a sage looking like a and a old man with a staff he said to me : follow me if u want to find ur soul. As he walked to a holy lagun he raised hes arms and open a secret passage maybe to the core of the seven seas. As the waves were calm he pointed me to the bottom i dint want to cuz i dint trust him but i had to go ''it was my only hope''. It was ''basted caves'' with nothing to see jsut darkness. Just when i put my foot in the cold shadows another sage appears but i could only feel him not see him but soon i saw 2 glares of red points in the air. I though it was death to get me as i was just a wondering losted spirit. But no it told me :'' one step to freedom and one step to eternal darkness.'' I dint understand well but i know it ment by falling so there must be abyss in here. He started to move and i followed him with out no worried. Later i saw a sky ''blue glowing light'' i though : it is an ? or my soul? I run relly fast towards it then i feel a grab and it was darkness then he point done with his galring lights and i saw nothing but eternal despair and darkness. As get off the cliff i closed my eyes and though of my '' glowing spirit''

    '' A spirit can be one but without a soul he cant think, move on or love''
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