Send me a love that will never leave
Send me a place that I can call home
Send all your love to a place called the heart
Send us a private message saying that you love me
Message send by the heart to the mind of what I think and feel about your loving tender cause
Send me flowers on Valentines day and write a letter saying from a lover
"And I'll send all my loving to you"
Breal my hear but never detach me soul
And love me forever and day
Forever and year
I never thought when you said forever that it would only be a year and a month.
Never say never and never say maybe
Maybe someday I'll runaway and open up my eyes to the beauty that stares me in the eyes.
Send me to conformitty...god knows what that word means cause I sure don't and I sure don't care
But never send me an "It's over. Sorry, let's still be friends" text message.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words but what about a poem?
I can send this message through the mind and my fingers type what I think
I think I love you
I think I hate you
Send me your heart and send me to heaven
Send me.....
Send me with
Send me to you and never let me fade away
Let me stay with you always in your heart even if it ends
Send me.....