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Thread: A Series of Haiku

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    A Series of Haiku

    Walking in darkness.
    Attacks come out of left field.
    I hate this city.

    Boondock samurai.
    Why must you endure such pain?
    It's time to find peace.

    Two hundred pound gold.
    Three people ran off with it.
    No security.

    (Based off a news article I read about three masked men who ran off with a 200 lb. gold bar/nugget, worth over $2 million, from a Japanese musem. They had no protective case or sensors surronding it, because curators claim that "the gold wanted people to touch it." Well they touched it all right. Touched it right out of the building. If you want to read about it, go to The top news headlines on current events from Yahoo! News)

    Sitting at my job.
    No implausibles to fix.
    Must post on AO.

    (an implausible is an error that causes the system to bill for the wrong amount of gas)

    That is it for me.
    I'll write more haiku later.
    Tell me if you like. ^_^

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    Re: A Series of Haiku

    hey not bad for haiku you did good ^_^ I like it.
    can I add you to my network?

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    Re: A Series of Haiku

    Lol, Sprout. Love them. My favorites are the first two. Nice work.

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    Re: A Series of Haiku

    I think writing haiku is one of the best writing exercizes EVER! They're simple, but it takes a creative mind to make them come together cleverly, and also make them interesting... You really seem to have a knack for it.

    Ofcourse, Id LOVE to see you write something with a little more FEELING. Something to give your readers an indication of your stance in life.

    Ya'know, like I do...
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: A Series of Haiku

    lol, i really like them alot, i cant wait to see more of your haiku

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