Tears drip down my cheek and on to the floor
My heart stricken with pain once more
I hear a sweet lullaby to only have it fade away
I listen closer to hope that it will only stay

I grasp for loves embrace again and again
To only have slip through my fingers and the pain begin
I fall to the floor with my body aching from hurt
Rage rushing from my veins as I lay upon the dirt

I take the sharpen blade and press it upon my skin
And as it pierces my flesh hoping the pain will disperse from within
I cry and I yell as I begin to bleed, it slowly drips from out of my flesh
My body slowly becomes cold as I look at my blood , so warm, so fresh

I look at the midnight sky to see the moon once more
As I feel the coldness starting to seep into my inner core
One last tear drips down my cheek, I cry I am sorry to the world
My soul is now free, as I dance and I twirl

Thank you for letting me go my pain
And not keeping me here in the world so I wouldn’t feel drained
Now I am free to let my spirit go and be wild
I look upon the sun and I begin to smile

Once again I am free
To be who I want to be
And nothing to hold me back
Now my heart is set again on the right track