Let my feet take me away
With every step I take,
Let me be closer to my only other
I'm searching for my lover

In a crowded sidewalk,
Where to start?
look around at all these faces
So innocent and frail
Something catches my attention
Looking into those eyes
What do you see?
I see fear
It's being hidden
Hidden behind shades of blue

Azure, such a tone
A hint of ultramarine
Take teal, and steal
That significant lavender
An aqua feel
Just seems so real
I've never seen beauty in such a way
So clear and calm felt

I can see the honesty
Waiting to break free
Deprived for so long
Let the world find your soul

Your heart is wrapped up in silk,
In the most elagent way
You hold me captivated
Oh please do as I say
Unlock your precious heart,
Just one last time
I promise,
You'll be mine