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Thread: Shadow of Reality. . . . . .

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    Re: Shadow of Reality. . . . . .

    well that was really Impressive I can't wait for the rest

    I live in the shadows and I am as fast as the speed of light, but I use my ability's to help people even though they fear me for who I am.

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    Re: Shadow of Reality. . . . . .

    Here you go!

    Chapter 4
    Lost in the Rain

    When Ukaberu was done, they continued to walk down the long hallway. Terra’s bitter surroundings made her shiver, as she had done before. Without any type of conversation, Terra and Ukaberu walked to the very end of the hall. Terra could now see the inn’s dim lobby. This entrance had no welcoming gestures- it lacked any significant lighting. Also, the walls were very similar to the ones in the hallway. There were two slide-doors at the entrance of this dreary lobby that had no glass, which made it so that the heavy downpour from outside could seep into the vestibule.
    The floors were made of flat, cold stone. The only form of life in the room besides Ukaberu and Terra was an old man sitting in a small chair. The old man wore long jeans and a plain, white robe. He sat with his legs crossed, holding a clipboard in his right hand and a green pencil in the other. He had grey hair and deep wrinkles which drew attention to his dark, beady eyes.
    “Checking out?” the old man asked in a forceful tone.
    “Yeah,” Ukaberu stated while reaching into his cloak pocket once again. Ukaberu pulled out the same type of violet coins and presented them in front of the old man. He quickly inspected them and within a second, a small gust of wind took the coins. The strange wind migrated to the old man and hovered above his head. The man casually wrote something on his clipboard. Eventually, when he had stopped writing, the old man put down his clipboard and grabbed the purple coins.
    “Thank you and come again,” The man said without looking up from the coins.
    “Come on,” Ukaberu said while pointing to a store across the street from the inn. “We can run across the street and take cover from the rain at that shop.”
    They slid open the windowless doors and swiftly dashed athwart the cobblestone road to the small, bright store. The shop had many fluorescent lights that illuminated the whole building. It also had several white tiles on the floor. The walls were wooden, but had been painted a pale blue color. There were lots of unfamiliar people there, many of them wearing long cloaks. A somewhat portly women sat at a counter left of Terra with a large grin on her face.
    “Come again,” the woman urged as a man holding large bags passed Terra and Ukaberu. The unfamiliar man opened the door and stepped into the downpour, lifting his hood over his head as he did so.
    Terra and Ukaberu walked past the same counter that the women was sitting in. Ukaberu made a hand gesture that meant that Terra should follow. They stepped into an aisle that had many blue and red cloaks hanging on small hooks. The cloaks were very similar to Ukaberu’s, except some of them were different sizes.
    Ukaberu took a quick glance at them and turned to Terra. “Someone started this weird style.” He began to smile without showing his teeth. “It seems that all of the guys are wearing red,” he used his right arms to point to the red cloaks, “and all of the girls are wearing the blue ones.” He used his left arm to indicate the blue cloaks.
    Terra stared at the clothing. “So, I guess I’ll be getting a blue one?” She reached to one and felt the sleeve. It was much more soft than any kind of clothing that she had ever touched. A smirk wrapped around Terra’s face. “This is so soft!”
    Ukaberu smiled. “Okay, we’ll buy a cloak.” Ukaberu took a short pause. “Wait here for a second, I need to find something.”
    Terra nodded as Ukaberu walked down the aisle and around a corner where Terra could not see him.

    A few minutes afterwards, Ukaberu came back to the aisle with a petite, rectangular box. He held it at his side, and almost seemed to be hiding it.
    “Have you found a cloak that’s your size?” he asked in a positive tone.
    Terra grabbed the only cloak that was the same size as her. They walked to the same woman that they had seen as they entered the shop. The woman looked at Terra and Ukaberu.
    “Hello. What may I do for you?”
    “We’d like to buy these.” Ukaberu placed the box on the counter as Terra rested the blue cloak next to it.
    “Let’s see,” the woman said as she pulled a small scroll out of one of her pockets. She opened the scroll, looking through it, and then at the items. Terra guessed that the scroll was used to list the prices of the items in the store.
    “Okay,” she said while placing the scroll back in her pocket. “Twenty amethyst please.”
    Ukaberu used the same violet coins, as Terra finally realized that the coins where made of amethyst. The lady excepted the coins with a wide grin.
    “Thank you and come again!”
    As they left the warm store, Terra pulled the blue cloak over her shoulders and tied two strings, as if she was tying a cape. Ukaberu and Terra both put their hoods over their heads at the same time. As soon as they walked out, Terra expected to feel the heavy raindrops to hit her cloak, but surprisingly, she didn’t feel anything hit her at all. Strangely, both she and her cloak were completely dry, even though they were standing in the rain.
    They walked down the wet, cobblestone road, nearly unable to see because of the harsh shower. Both the stone and wooden houses became a thick blur. The power of the downpour caught Terra off guard, probably because the rain had not been so powerful before.
    Suddenly, a figure appeared in the distance. It was vague at first, blurred along with the rest of the area. Once it came nearer though, it was much easier to see. When it was only a few feet away, Terra could clearly see that it was girl. She had long hair, and wore a white, blank mask. Her posture was slouched. Her arms hung down from her shoulders lazily and swayed as she stepped. The strangest thing about her were the spiked chains that clung to her ripped clothing.
    Terra had been so mesmerized by the girl that she hadn’t noticed that both her and Ukaberu had stopped walking. The wretched girl walked past both of them without looking up or showing any sign of seeing Terra or Ukaberu. Terra turned around and stared at her until she disappeared into the rain.
    “Who was that?” Terra asked as she directed her attention to Ukaberu.
    “I don’t know. I wonder if those chains hurt.”
    Terra pondered at the statement as they turned back to the road that they were walking on. As they stepped through the town of constant rain, Terra began a conversation.
    Terra paused for a moment. “Why have you been so nice to me? You’ve done many things for me already, but I haven’t done anything for you.”
    “I’m not sure. You just seem familiar to me. I know I haven’t seen you before, but it seems like I know you.”
    Though she didn’t say it, Terra felt the same way. Unexpectedly, Terra’s head began to ache sharply. She put her hands to her ears and stopped walking. The pain was unforgiving, and gave Terra a deep frustration.
    “What’s wrong?” Terra heard Ukaberu say before she fell on the ground. Then, she heard another familiar voice, but not Ukaberu’s.
    “I will give you the memory.” The voice haunted Terra, but soon she fell back into reality.
    “Are you all right?” Ukaberu asked with a worried face while helping Terra stand again.
    “I-I’m fine,” she said though she was still dizzy.

    When he had completely regained her balance, the began to walk down the long road again.
    “What?” Terra asked in a low tone.
    “You’re a shadow.”
    Terra thought about it, and after she did for a while, Terra realized that he was right. But, what troubled Terra is how Ukaberu had figured it out.
    “But,” she stuttered, but didn’t get to finish.
    “I can tell. In this world, only shadows have violet eyes.”
    She felt awkward, mostly because that the last time that she’d seen herself, she had blue eyes.

    They continued walking for a while before speaking.
    “Well, I guess I’ll have to teach you a lot of things about this world,” Ukaberu said calmly.
    Suddenly, the rain began to settle down to a point where it was hardly raining at all.

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    Re: Shadow of Reality. . . . . .

    Nice story man!! That was wicked cool! Keep up thr great work bro!!

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    Re: Shadow of Reality. . . . . .

    thanx! i'm planning on trying to get the next chapter in faster.

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    Re: Shadow of Reality. . . . . .

    Omg...this story is just incredible! U should make a manga out of it. :P
    And BrightShadow_96...u shouldn`t rush perfection ^^

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    Re: Shadow of Reality. . . . . .

    Here's the new update!

    Chapter 5
    The Bloody Scar

    “So, where are we going?” Terra asked as she grew impatient from the incessant walking.
    “I want you to see the river. After that we can stay at an inn- one that’s right beside the river. That way we won’t have to walk back to the other inn.”
    Terra groaned from the pain in her legs.
    “Don’t worry,” Ukaberu said positively, “We’re halfway there.”
    Terra looked at her feet and whined again.
    “I was just kidding, we’re almost there.” He pointed to a small stone house on the left corner of the road.
    “Finally!” Terra yelled as she sprawled her arms and yawned.
    “Stop!” They heard a woman cry.
    “Who was that?” Terra managed ask as she looked around.
    Ukaberu was amazed that Terra didn’t notice the two people standing right in front of them. One of the two people was a woman, who was the one who had been screaming. The other seemed to be an armored man that looked remarkably similar to the one that she had seen before. The armored man had a gleaming necklace made of pearls clenched in his fist.
    “Give it back!” The woman yelled weakly as she began to cry. “It was a gift from my mother!”
    The man in armor looked at her and said frostily, “Yes, and now your mother is dead.”
    Ukaberu stepped forward. “Stop it!” He said forcefully. “Give it back to her!”
    The thief turned to Ukaberu. “No, I don’t think I will.” The man charged off in the other direction, turning around the corner away from their sight.
    “Come on Terra, we have to catch him.”
    Terra groaned again. “Do we have to? I’m t-” before she could finish, Ukaberu grabbed her arm and pulled her around the corner.
    “Yes, you have to.”
    They ran after him, keeping a close pursuit. Soon though, the man slipped into a bleak alley. The alley was shrouded in darkness. The tall edge of a building cast a large shadow on the whole alley. The man hid in the deepest part of the passage, where it was difficult to see him.
    “I don’t have time for this,” the man stated bluntly, tucking the pearl necklace into a small pocket. He held out his hand and sparks began to wrap around his hand. A lightning bolt shot out of the man’s hand and directed itself toward Ukaberu.
    Casually, Ukaberu stepped out of the way of the bolt. As it hit the ground, it made a loud bang, but the sound seemed insignificant to Ukaberu. The man frowned.
    “You evaded my attack, did you? Well let’s see if she can do the same. The same yellow sparks danced around his hands as he faced Terra. The same type of lightning bolt hopped out of his hand and flew towards Terra.
    “Last time you did this,” Ukaberu began, “you caught me off guard.” Ukaberu’s body began to glow red as the pair of chopsticks had. Before the lightning bolt reached Terra, a red spiral of air appeared before her. The lightning bolt hit the vortex instead. The helix didn’t completely diminish the bolt, but it redirected it in the direction of the armored man.
    It hit the man with enough force to lift him off the ground. The power flipped him backwards and sent him to the ground with a loud thud. Before anyone could do anything, the man lifted himself from the cobblestone ground and ran to the edge of the alley.
    “We will meet again,” he said before he vanished into the air.

    They walked back to the area where the women stood.
    “Did you find my necklace?” she asked with a worried tone.
    “He got away,” Ukaberu admitted.
    The woman frowned. “Well, thank you for trying.” She stepped around a different corner and walked away. Ukaberu turned to Terra.
    “Well, now that that’s over, we can take a break at the inn for a while.”
    Terra nodded though she was still panting from running so fast.
    “Afterwards we’ll go to the river. You’ll like it there.”
    They stepped into the inn that sat at the corner of the road. It was much brighter than the one that they had visited before, having bright red and yellow wallpaper. Though the lights were slightly dimmed, the inn seemed very comforting.
    A formally dressed woman sat at a wooden counter placed by the back wall of the vestibule. The woman had a slim figure, and long black hair.
    When Terra and Ukaberu approached her she grinned and asked, “How may I help you?”
    “We’d like to check in,” Ukaberu said with a sign of confidence in his voice.
    “Last name?”
    Ukaberu seemed nervous to tell her his last name. “ Kuyamu,” he said lowly.
    “How do you spell it?”
    Terra could tell that Ukaberu was being annoyed by the questions. “K- u - y - a - m -u,” he spelled out vaguely.
    An ink quill appeared in her right hand as a piece of paper appeared in the other. She wrote down the name and rolled the paper up. Suddenly, the paper was consumed by bright blue flames. Only a few moments later, green flames erupted into her hands and spat out another rolled paper. The slim woman read the note. When she finished, she looked up at them.
    “I do believe that it’s your lucky day. This inn allows one free night for new customers, and it appears that you haven’t been here before.”
    Ukaberu began to smile. “Good. I was beginning to run out of money anyway.”
    “Your room number is 122. Have a nice stay.” She waited a moment, and then as Terra and Ukaberu began to step forward, she nervously asked, “Would you like a bandage for your eye?”
    Ukaberu stared at her. “No, I’m fine.”
    Terra didn’t understand why the women asked that. “Ukaberu, why did she-” She was cut off by her own surprise as she looked at his right eye. Ukaberu’s right eye was beginning to drip blood.
    “Ukaberu, what’s wrong with your eye?”
    “I’ll explain when we get to our room.”
    Terra and Ukaberu walked down to the spot where a door with the number 122 stood. They entered the room, anxious to take a break. The room amazed Terra. It looked like a large library, because of the many shelves full of books that it held. The room was huge, having plenty of space for walking around. There were two large beds that were placed in the middle of the room. Staring at the dark green beds drew attention to the marble floors.
    After glaring at the enormous room, something truly caught Terra’s full attention. Her mother stood beside a tall shelf, with a wide grin on her face. Terra’s eyes widened.
    “M-mom?” she asked weekly, feeling as if she would fall apart. Tears began to roll down her face.
    Ukaberu stared at Terra. “Terra?”
    Terra looked back at Ukaberu, as she noticed that the whole room had changed. The room had turned into a cold hill, with a leafless tree standing next to Terra. The beds were still there, but besides that and the door, everything else had changed.
    Terra asked nervously, “What’s happening?”
    “Terra, this is called an ever-accustomed room. It changes with your memories and emotions. I’m sorry to say that whatever you just saw,” he paused, “wasn’t real.”
    The hill that was now the room began to move, as an odd gust of wind moved into the scene. The wind slightly bent the trees, and made the grass bow to Terra. Every time that Terra looked at the tree, she couldn’t help thinking of the chained girl.
    Ukaberu gazed at Terra as more blood oozed from his right eye. “I suppose I should tell you why my eye is bleeding,” he said with a small sigh. He took a long slip of paper from his pocket. Out of nowhere a brush appeared in his hand. Ukaberu drew some symbols on the parchment, and began telling the story.
    “Being a shiyosha has it’s advantages. Obviously, a shiyosha has special powers, that no one else has. But, if a shiyosha was allowed to use the full power of the ability, it would mean definite chaos. So, in order from keeping a shiyosha from becoming too powerful, a shiyosha receives an invisible mark.”
    Ukaberu folded the slip of paper. It glowed a bright green, but soon it morphed into a sphere that collided with Ukaberu’s right eye. All of the blood disappeared, though his scarred eye still looked bruised. But, more importantly, a strange, decorative mark was now visible on his right eye.
    “As a shiyosha uses it’s power, the mark becomes more visible. The more power a shiyosha uses, the more that the mark will diminish the part of the body that it covers.” Terra could see that the mark was slowly vanishing.
    “When I used all of that power to protect you, my mark began to do it’s job.”
    Terra frowned. “So, your hurt because of me?”
    Ukaberu smiled. “Don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt that bad.”
    Terra’s head began to ache again. “Your memory,” a familiar voice called. “See what happened.”

    BTW: if the font is too small, copy and paste it onto wordpad or something and make it bigger.
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    Re: Shadow of Reality. . . . . .

    Mmmmm...this story is just too cool!
    Btw...how many chapters r there?

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    Searching God isn`t peaceful.
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    Re: Shadow of Reality. . . . . .


    Chapter 6
    Unfamiliar Memories

    “View your memory,” the voice called, becoming very anxious.
    Terra fell to the floor as her headache grew stronger. Ukaberu began to reach for her when he began to feel the same pain. They both drifted into separate worlds, becoming completely unfocused and inattentive. Terra fell into another colorless place. Terra halted in the air and looked around. She was at the elementary school that she used to go to when she had still been in the fake world. Terra floated in the middle of a chaotic hallway, watching countless children run around the school.
    Many of them were happy, while others looked indifferent. None of the children noticed Terra, who was hovering over them, watching them. She stared closely at them, analyzing them. The scene seemed familiar, as if she had been in the same exact situation before. Then, she saw the most familiar child of all, Terra.
    The modern Terra was now looking down at her own self as a child, gasping with amazement. Terra noticed that she was frowning, and remembered that the memory before her was the first day at Terra’s new home. She had been scared and timid at her new school.
    “Do you see him?” Kado’s voice asked from nowhere.
    Suddenly, Kado appeared beside Terra, looking down at the children.
    “Do you see his shadow?”
    Terra obtained a confused look. “Who’s shadow?”
    “Ukaberu’s. His shadow is here.”
    Terra glared hard at the children, and finally spotted a kid that looked very similar to Ukaberu, who was heading towards the childhood Terra.
    “Why are you so sad?” The young Ukaberu asked.
    “Um,” Terra hesitated, blushing as she did so.
    Ukaberu waited, but talked again before Terra could answer. “My name is Tyler, what’s yours?”
    The modern Terra was shocked at what the child had said.
    “Tyler? Isn’t that Ukaberu?”
    Kado swung his head. “No, it is not Ukaberu, it is Ukaberu’s shadow. And, since his shadow grew up on this world, he has a different name than Ukaberu.”
    The young Terra interrupted their conversation. “My name is Terra.”
    The scene began to vigorously blur. It shook, and stirred without control.
    “I am sorry,” Kado began, “sorry that I can not show you more. It was very difficult to bring back this memory alone.”
    Terra seemed dazed. “Ukaberu was here. That’s why it seems like we’ve met. Because we have met. In my world.” Terra looked at Kado. She just realized that he was completely shrouded in swirling shadows. Terra blocked Kado’s appearance from her mind and stated, “I am ready to go back.”
    The memory and Kado disappeared before Terra’s eyes, and as they vanished, the room where Terra received the forgotten memory appeared before her. She was back in the inn room, and, apparently, so was Ukaberu.
    “Ukaberu!” Terra shouted, “I remember now!” A wide smile wrapped around Terra’s face as a frown appeared on Ukaberu’s. His eyes glared at Terra.
    “Why did you do that ?!” he screamed at her, as anger spread across his face.
    The room transformed into a dark, cold dungeon hallway.
    “Why did you take it?! Why did you steal it from my family?! Why?!”
    Bewildered and worried, Terra began, “What are you-”
    “Why?!” Ukaberu’s voice became extremely immense, frightening Terra.
    He vigorously lifted his right arm and unyieldingly thrust his arm at Terra. She fell back and hit the inn door, driving the metal door knob into Terra’s back. Though it didn’t cut through her skin, it still caused a sharp pain that made Terra close her eyes tightly. Ukaberu stepped up to Terra and furiously glared at her. Terra stared into Ukaberu’s rage-filled eyes. The eyes were unrelenting- they were murderous.
    “U-Ukaberu?” she weakly asked, while a small tear crawled down Terra’s left eye.
    As soon as Ukaberu saw the tear, his fury subsided. He fell to his knees as remorse swept over him. And, for the first time, Terra saw Ukaberu cry tears. Real, regretful tears.
    “T-Terra,” he said vaguely, “I’m sorry.” He tried to reach for her and help, but Terra jerked back in fear. “I’m sorry,” he repeated.
    Terra pulled herself up and turned to the door. She opened it, and found herself in the decorative inn hallway. She walked to the vestibule and sat in a small comfortable chair that rested in the corner. There was a small window to the right of her, which she stared out of. The rain seemed to hypnotize her, and she tries to use it to make her forget what had happened.
    ‘Why had that happened?’ she thought, watching the raindrops fall. ‘Why did he do that?’ Then, something else came to mind. ‘When his right eye was bleeding, he did not cry. But, when he hurt me, he did. He cried- for me.’
    Ukaberu came up the hall and arrived in the lobby. “Terra,” he whispered as softly as he could.
    She frostily turned away from him.
    “Will you at least let me explain?”
    Terra looked at him. “Fine,” she said submissively, turning back to the window.
    “When you saw the memory, I saw one too. It was a long forgotten memory. You see, when I was young, my family was together. We had a family treasure- The ring of the five skulls. It was a beautiful ring, but, like a lot of things, it was cursed. Anyone who wore it would be consumed with power, but also consumed with evil.”
    “And what does this have to do with me?”
    “I was getting to that point. Anyway, there was a girl who used to visit my house,” he paused, “and you are the shadow of that girl. Her name was Chihiro. One time, she stared at the guarded ring. She wanted more than anything to wear it, though she didn’t know of it’s curse. Chihiro took the ring, and ran far away from the house.
    “My older brother ran after her, and eventually took it from her. But then, he began to crave power too. He wore the ring, and still does to this very day. I haven’t seen him since then.”
    Terra looked at Ukaberu again. “So you were mad at me just because I’m the shadow of that girl?!”
    “Sorry, the memory just made me mad. You look exactly like Chihiro, and since the only thing I was thinking of at the moment was my memory-”
    “You took all of your anger out on me,” she rudely finished for him. Terra frowned. There was a large pause in the conversation. “You know what?” Terra began, “Just forget it. I’m being mad over nothing. Let’s just put this experience behind us.”
    Ukaberu’s mood lightened. “Sure.” They paused again. “I still haven’t taken you to see the river yet.”
    In Terra’s mind she thought, ‘What’s so special about the river?’

    As they exited the inn, Terra and Ukaberu pulled their hoods over their heads. The rain seemed calmer then than it had before. They walked down the same path, going in the same direction. This time though, it only took a few minutes to reach their destination. Terra and Ukaberu faced a large stone wall that rose to a height at least five times taller than Ukaberu. Near the left side of the dull wall was a wooden door that was closed tight.
    As they approached it, Ukaberu stated, “This is the path to the river.” He smiled. “Come on, let’s go.”
    Terra and Ukaberu opened the small door that led to a fleet of descending stone steps. The temperature dropped when they walked down the stairs. Finally, they reached another wooden door that seemed completely identical to the previous one.
    ‘What makes this place so special?’ Terra thought, her mind growing in anxiousness. ‘What part of this river is so amazing?’
    Ukaberu opened the door.
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