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Thread: Shadow of Reality...

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    Shadow of Reality...


    Chapter 11
    Chihiro’s Face

    Sokudo charged at Aurora, using his shiyosha power of speed to advance at an unbelievable speed. The ice dragon, Aurora’s guard, appeared on her shoulder. The dragon changed into it’s real size- the size of a real dragon. It quickly soared into the air and then dived down near the ground, tripping Sokudo. This forced him to fly to Aurora. And, with an incredible force, she made an ice cylinder appear from the ground and collide with Sokudo’s face. He uncontrollably drifted through the air, this time escalating away from Terra. The power of Aurora’s ice attack knocked Sokudo unconscious, and his rough landing did not make his situation any better. Aurora’s dragon returned to it’s tiny mass and disappeared to await it’s next advent.
    Aurora walked over to Sokudo. The chains that still clung to her clothing rattled as she walked. “You are not the only one who can control ice. But, unlike you, my abilities are not limited by marks. In my opinion, a shiyosha’s ability is his curse. Keep that in mind the next time that you are content on trying to win.”
    “That was,” Ukaberu paused, “quick.”
    Just as Chihiro had, Aurora appeared next to the three. Which was just the problem. Chihiro had disappeared. Sokudo slowly rose to his feet, slightly staggering as he did so. “W-Where’d she go? Where’s Chihiro?”
    Suddenly, Sokudo fell to the ground with a black spot on his back, as if something had exploded behind him. Pitch-black vines grew from the center of the stain. They wrapped around Sokudo tightly as the thousands of thorns stabbed his body. Blood slowly leaked from the new and abundant wounds as the thorns suddenly vanished.
    Terra said softly and unsteadily, “I-Is he dead?” A worried look ran across her face.
    “Don’t pity him,” a voice called from somewhere unknown. “He was a pathetic shiyosha, and abused his powers. Sokudo was a fool. He’s better left dead.” Chihiro appeared beside Sokudo’s body. “I can’t believe that he really thought I was a spirit.” Chihiro took off her mask to reveal a familiar face. A face that was too familiar. Chihiro had long, black hair, and green eyes. Besides this though, her face was the same. The same as Terra’s.
    Ukaberu, Terra, and Tatsumi all gaped at Chihiro’s(or what seemed to be Terra’s) face. Ukaberu looked between the two again and again. And even though everyone seemed to be confused, Tatsumi caught on to what was happening.
    Tatsumi looked at Chihiro. “Looks like you’ve met your shadow, Chihiro.” Chihiro laughed.
    “Yes, unfortunately I have found my worse half.” Secondary shadows abruptly appeared near Chihiro, as if serving her. The secondary shadows were just like the one that Terra and Ukaberu had seen earlier- They were wrapped in black bandages, and slouched in a way somewhat similar to the way Aurora did.
    “I hope you don’t mind if my friends stay and have a little fun causing chaos and misery.” Chihiro faded away into nothingness, and left the secondary shadows there. They stepped forward, and stared at the four who had witnessed the murder. The secondary shadows jumped into the air, and fell towards them. They were attacking. Terra quickly looked at Ukaberu and saw that he was blankly staring into space.
    “Ukaberu!” Terra yelled loudly. “Snap out of it.” Ukaberu shook his head vigorously and looked up at the descending shadows.
    “Whoa,” he began. “But how?”
    Aurora simply looked up, and as she did, the shadows literally froze, as if time had stopped. Then they gradually became incased in ice, and fell to the ground. Terra stared at Ukaberu with an inquisitive face.
    “What’s wrong?”
    Ukaberu continued to look into space, and then at his feet. “She’s the one. She’s the one who made my brother run away. Chihiro.” Ukaberu tightly clenched his fists together. “If it’s the last thing I’ll ever do,” he paused as his voice became louder. “I’ll kill her!”
    A man veiled in a large wolf pelt appeared next to the dead body of Sokudo. He stared at it and shook his head. “So, another one goes.” His voice was deep, but somewhat relaxed.
    Tatsumi stared at him. “I am Tatsumi. Who are you?”
    The man looked at Tatsumi. “Oh, My name is Okami. I am the grave keeper of ‘The Misty Garden’. My job is to seek out the dead and give them a good burial, and a funeral. Do you know this man’s name?”
    “Sokudo,” Aurora replied.
    “Does anyone here know his last name?”
    Aurora answered again, “No. He never spoke of his surname.”
    Okami put his right hand under his upper lip in inquisition, and looked down at the corpse again. When he did this, Terra realized that Okami’s wolf pelt created shade, hiding Okami’s face. “Hmm, I guess I’ll have to find someone who does know his last name. Otherwise he’ll have a tombstone that reads, “Sokudo”.” A large puff of smoke shrouded Sokudo and Okami, and when it cleared, they had vanished.
    Night had finally come, and two moons hung in the sky. The smaller moon seemed to have a blue hue to it, while the larger one appeared to be red. The moons were both full, and were beautiful together in the star-filled night. Terra stared at them, as if mesmerized by their glow.
    “Wow. This world as two moons.” She smiled. “They’re so pretty.” Though she seemed happy at the time, her mind was also focusing on how she had seen death for the first time right before her eyes. And, something else was bothering her. “I’m sorry,” she said in a low voice.
    Ukaberu looked at her curiously. “For what? You didn’t do anything wrong.”
    Terra stared at her feet. “But I’m the shadow of Chihiro. Maybe if I didn’t exist, she wouldn’t either.”
    Ukaberu frowned. “Don’t talk like that. It’s not your fault that she did what she did.”
    She sighed. “Well, if I’m Chihiro’s shadow, what does that make her?”
    “Your caster,” Tatsumi interrupted. “As in, ‘the person who casts the shadow’ .” Terra looked at Tatsumi shortly, and then back at her own feet.

    “Where have you four been?” Sakuya asked once that Aurora, Terra, Ukaberu, and Tatsumi had walked back to the house. “Where’s Chihiro and Sokudo?” Terra glared at her feet once more, and waited for someone else to reply.
    Tatsumi replied, “Chihiro disappeared and Sokudo-” She broke off. “Died.”
    Sakuya stared at Tatsumi with an inquisitive look. “Do you mind explaining the whole situation?”
    Terra interrupted, “Where’s my room? I think I’m going to go to sleep.”
    Tatsumi directed her attention to her and blinked twice. “It’s the second room on the left.” Terra stepped into a moderately spacious room with a long bed at the far wall. For some reason, the bed was made very close to the floor. There was a tall, wooden drawer to the left of Terra. The rest of the room was empty, unless you accounted the very thin layer of dust that lay on the wooden floor.
    She jumped onto the bed, and let her shin rest on the pillow at the end of the bed. Terra closed her eyes tightly, as if trying to forget what had happened to her in the past few days. But the chatter coming from the dining room kept her attentively awake.
    “Don’t you think that that was weird?” She heard Ukaberu ask.
    “Hmm?” Tatsumi began. “What was weird?”
    “The fact that the secondary shadows attacked like that.” Ukaberu’s tone made it sound as if he was worried. “Secondary shadows are supposed to roam this world randomly, and are intended to be practically mindless. The shadows appeared when Chihiro called them, and attacked as she commanded. Secondary shadows are incapable of being trained like that. How did she control them?”
    Tatsumi closed her eyes and made an inquiring humming sound. “Well, I can think of one way that she could have controlled the shadows.”
    Ukaberu raised one of his eyebrows in curiosity. Sakuya seemed to understand though. “The dark key?”
    Tatsumi nodded. “The key was supposed to be hidden inside a giant temple. Legend has it that the building has a countless number of traps, and is also protected by magic. The key has the power to control secondary shadows, as well as the ability to unleash,” She paused. “Chikara.”
    Terra admittedly listened to the conversation, as the thoughts and theories buzzed in her head. And though she really wanted to listen further, she was tired. Terra soon unwillingly fell asleep.

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    Re: Shadow of Reality...

    man i have to say i cant wait to see how you bring Chikara in to this story some how thats going to be very intrestng. and what about Terra will she and that guy need extra help when the time comes?
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    Re: Shadow of Reality...

    where is the rest!!!!!!lol nice man

    thank u SasuraiHell
    go -=NOOBZ=- clan!

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    Re: Shadow of Reality...

    hmm, that was awesome man, nice plot.

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    Re: Shadow of Reality...

    @chris- you'll see...
    @N!tro- if you mean the last few chapters, search shadow of reality in this forum. If you mean the next chapters... haven't written them yet! lol
    @ketaro- thanx
    Chapter 12
    Water Wielding

    Terra woke with an aching sensation in her back. The bed obviously hadn’t been comfortable, and she occasionally had woken up in the middle of the night, unable to fall back to sleep for hours. She rubbed the sand out of her eyes and slowly crept out of the bed. But, instead of meeting the floor with her feet, she fell on her stomach and hit the wood with a loud thud.
    “Ow,” she moaned while she was still face-down on the floor. As she pulled herself up, she shook her head and forced her eyes to open widely. Terra ran to the door and slid it open. Ukaberu, Aurora, Sakuya, and Tatsumi were all sitting at the low table, eating thick strips of bacon and warm rolls. The aroma from the bacon was overwhelming to Terra as she walked into the room.
    Tatsumi smiled. “Sit down and eat. There’s a plate for you over there.” She pointed to a seat near the end of the table next to Ukaberu and Sakuya. A plate was sitting in front of the seat, that had five strips of bacon and two soft, moist rolls. Terra rushed to the seat and ate more quickly than she thought that she would have. Overpowering hunger was charging to her- she hadn’t eaten in about a day. Once she had finished, Terra spotted a glass of milk and gulped it down. Sakuya stared at her with a look of awe at how fast Terra was eating.
    Tatsumi rose to her feet and walked to the door. “I need to run a few errands,” She told them before leaving. “I should be back before dusk. Oh, and Terra,” Tatsumi looked at her, “I’m expecting a distinguished representation of the magic skills you’ve learned.” Tatsumi exited the home and walked along a pass leading to Moeru.
    Terra had almost forgotten about the demonstration that she was supposed to show Tatsumi. “Terra,” Sakuya began. “You don’t know how to do magic, do you?”
    Terra slowly shook her head. “I have no clue.”
    Sakuya sighed. “Then let’s see how we should go about doing this.” He stared at the ceiling and paused for a while.
    “You could teach me how.” Terra smirked excitedly. “I could learn how to control water or something.”
    “No,” Sakuya objected.
    Terra frowned. “Why?”
    “You can’t learn magic in one day. Besides, water is one of the most difficult elements to control.” Sakuya paused for a moment. “Here’s what we’re going to do- You wave your arms around like your doing magic, and I’ll stay in the background and use magic myself. That way it will look like your doing it.”
    “But,” Terra began to argue as Sakuya walked off to his room.

    After four hours had passed, Tatsumi returned. She came through the door, holding a small, blue scroll. She threw it on the table, as if it was nothing. Terra had been practicing waving her arms around gracefully, looking very awkward as she did. Ukaberu was staring at the ceiling all day, and Sakuya was sitting in his room.
    “So, Terra,” Tatsumi began. “Are you ready?”
    Terra became somewhat nervous. “Oh, um, Sure.” Terra hid behind a fake smile. “So, should I get Ukaberu and Sakuya?”
    “Oh, no. We don’t want any interference.”
    Terra was pulled at the arm to what seemed to be the back yard of the house. In the yard was a pond, and though it seemed moderately small, it looked very deep.
    “Now,” Tatsumi said. “Show me what you’ve learned.”
    Terra took a deep breathe. She lifted her arms, and closed her eyes. Terra pushed her arms even higher into the air, and heard a small gasp. She opened her eyes, as her mouth opened widely. A glimmering sphere of water was floating loyally in front of her.
    “I-I did it!” Terra shouted with excitement. The sphere slowly began to collapse, but Terra flicked her hands and it neatly reassembled into a diamond-shaped figure. Tatsumi seemed even more surprised than Terra that she had actually done magic on her own. Terra looked around, letting the water fall, looking around to see if Sakuya had been hiding somewhere. But Terra didn’t see anyone.
    She turned to the water once more. Terra lifted her arms and pushed her arms upward. Obediently, the water rushed up into a floating stream. As Terra waved and swayed her arms, the water followed her movements precisely, displaying the presentation that Tatsumi had wanted.

    Terra and Tatsumi re-entered Tatsumi’s home with smiles on their faces. Ukaberu was standing quietly near the door. He stared at them both with an inquisitive look.
    “What happened?” He questioned.
    Terra grinned even wider. “I did it! I did magic!”
    Ukaberu seemed even more confused than ever before. “Are you serious?”
    Tatsumi interjected, “She controlled the water very skillfully. It seems that Sakuya has trained her well.”
    Ukaberu began to smirk. “Good job.” Sakuya walked in from the hallway.
    “What’s going on?” Sakuya asked.
    Ukaberu looked back at Sakuya. “Apparently Terra used water magic.”
    “What?!” Sakuya looked at Tatsumi, and then attempted to make a calm expression. He cleared his throat. “Oh, um, Nice work Terra.”

    To anyone who cares-
    I have finally figured out that this story will have 25 chapters (If my story goes as planned) The chapters might go a little smoother now that I've planned them out, and I'm sorry that this chapter took awhile.
    oh, and also, sorry that it's taking forever for them to get out of Tatsumi's house, but they will move on after another chapter or two.

    Oh yeah, and COMMENT!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Shadow of Reality...

    Coolies!!! I totally like it!!!!!!!!!!!
    ♥ (¯'·._.·[GEISHA ゲイシャ]·._.·'¯) ♥

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