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Thread: shadow of reality continues.....

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    shadow of reality continues.....

    More Chapters... -_- for previous chapters, search under shadow of reality and you'll find any chapter that you've missed....

    Chapter 6
    Unfamiliar Memories

    “View your memory,” the voice called, becoming very anxious.
    Terra fell to the floor as her headache grew stronger. Ukaberu began to reach for her when he began to feel the same pain. They both drifted into separate worlds, becoming completely unfocused and inattentive. Terra fell into another colorless place. Terra halted in the air and looked around. She was at the elementary school that she used to go to when she had still been in the fake world. Terra floated in the middle of a chaotic hallway, watching countless children run around the school.
    Many of them were happy, while others looked indifferent. None of the children noticed Terra, who was hovering over them, watching them. She stared closely at them, analyzing them. The scene seemed familiar, as if she had been in the same exact situation before. Then, she saw the most familiar child of all, Terra.
    The modern Terra was now looking down at her own self as a child, gasping with amazement. Terra noticed that she was frowning, and remembered that the memory before her was the first day at Terra’s new home. She had been scared and timid at her new school.
    “Do you see him?” Kado’s voice asked from nowhere.
    Suddenly, Kado appeared beside Terra, looking down at the children.
    “Do you see his shadow?”
    Terra obtained a confused look. “Who’s shadow?”
    “Ukaberu’s. His shadow is here.”
    Terra glared hard at the children, and finally spotted a kid that looked very similar to Ukaberu, who was heading towards the childhood Terra.
    “Why are you so sad?” The young Ukaberu asked.
    “Um,” Terra hesitated, blushing as she did so.
    Ukaberu waited, but talked again before Terra could answer. “My name is Tyler, what’s yours?”
    The modern Terra was shocked at what the child had said.
    “Tyler? Isn’t that Ukaberu?”
    Kado swung his head. “No, it is not Ukaberu, it is Ukaberu’s shadow. And, since his shadow grew up on this world, he has a different name than Ukaberu.”
    The young Terra interrupted their conversation. “My name is Terra.”
    The scene began to vigorously blur. It shook, and stirred without control.
    “I am sorry,” Kado began, “sorry that I can not show you more. It was very difficult to bring back this memory alone.”
    Terra seemed dazed. “Ukaberu was here. That’s why it seems like we’ve met. Because we have met. In my world.” Terra looked at Kado. She just realized that he was completely shrouded in swirling shadows. Terra blocked Kado’s appearance from her mind and stated, “I am ready to go back.”
    The memory and Kado disappeared before Terra’s eyes, and as they vanished, the room where Terra received the forgotten memory appeared before her. She was back in the inn room, and, apparently, so was Ukaberu.
    “Ukaberu!” Terra shouted, “I remember now!” A wide smile wrapped around Terra’s face as a frown appeared on Ukaberu’s. His eyes glared at Terra.
    “Why did you do that ?!” he screamed at her, as anger spread across his face.
    The room transformed into a dark, cold dungeon hallway.
    “Why did you take it?! Why did you steal it from my family?! Why?!”
    Bewildered and worried, Terra began, “What are you-”
    “Why?!” Ukaberu’s voice became extremely immense, frightening Terra.
    He vigorously lifted his right arm and unyieldingly thrust his arm at Terra. She fell back and hit the inn door, driving the metal door knob into Terra’s back. Though it didn’t cut through her skin, it still caused a sharp pain that made Terra close her eyes tightly. Ukaberu stepped up to Terra and furiously glared at her. Terra stared into Ukaberu’s rage-filled eyes. The eyes were unrelenting- they were murderous.
    “U-Ukaberu?” she weakly asked, while a small tear crawled down Terra’s left eye.
    As soon as Ukaberu saw the tear, his fury subsided. He fell to his knees as remorse swept over him. And, for the first time, Terra saw Ukaberu cry tears. Real, regretful tears.
    “T-Terra,” he said vaguely, “I’m sorry.” He tried to reach for her and help, but Terra jerked back in fear. “I’m sorry,” he repeated.
    Terra pulled herself up and turned to the door. She opened it, and found herself in the decorative inn hallway. She walked to the vestibule and sat in a small comfortable chair that rested in the corner. There was a small window to the right of her, which she stared out of. The rain seemed to hypnotize her, and she tries to use it to make her forget what had happened.
    ‘Why had that happened?’ she thought, watching the raindrops fall. ‘Why did he do that?’ Then, something else came to mind. ‘When his right eye was bleeding, he did not cry. But, when he hurt me, he did. He cried- for me.’
    Ukaberu came up the hall and arrived in the lobby. “Terra,” he whispered as softly as he could.
    She frostily turned away from him.
    “Will you at least let me explain?”
    Terra looked at him. “Fine,” she said submissively, turning back to the window.
    “When you saw the memory, I saw one too. It was a long forgotten memory. You see, when I was young, my family was together. We had a family treasure- The ring of the five skulls. It was a beautiful ring, but, like a lot of things, it was cursed. Anyone who wore it would be consumed with power, but also consumed with evil.”
    “And what does this have to do with me?”
    “I was getting to that point. Anyway, there was a girl who used to visit my house,” he paused, “and you are the shadow of that girl. Her name was Chihiro. One time, she stared at the guarded ring. She wanted more than anything to wear it, though she didn’t know of it’s curse. Chihiro took the ring, and ran far away from the house.
    “My older brother ran after her, and eventually took it from her. But then, he began to crave power too. He wore the ring, and still does to this very day. I haven’t seen him since then.”
    Terra looked at Ukaberu again. “So you were mad at me just because I’m the shadow of that girl?!”
    “Sorry, the memory just made me mad. You look exactly like Chihiro, and since the only thing I was thinking of at the moment was my memory-”
    “You took all of your anger out on me,” she rudely finished for him. Terra frowned. There was a large pause in the conversation. “You know what?” Terra began, “Just forget it. I’m being mad over nothing. Let’s just put this experience behind us.”
    Ukaberu’s mood lightened. “Sure.” They paused again. “I still haven’t taken you to see the river yet.”
    In Terra’s mind she thought, ‘What’s so special about the river?’

    As they exited the inn, Terra and Ukaberu pulled their hoods over their heads. The rain seemed calmer then than it had before. They walked down the same path, going in the same direction. This time though, it only took a few minutes to reach their destination. Terra and Ukaberu faced a large stone wall that rose to a height at least five times taller than Ukaberu. Near the left side of the dull wall was a wooden door that was closed tight.
    As they approached it, Ukaberu stated, “This is the path to the river.” He smiled. “Come on, let’s go.”
    Terra and Ukaberu opened the small door that led to a fleet of descending stone steps. The temperature dropped when they walked down the stairs. Finally, they reached another wooden door that seemed completely identical to the previous one.
    ‘What makes this place so special?’ Terra thought, her mind growing in anxiousness. ‘What part of this river is so amazing?’
    Ukaberu opened the door.

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    Re: shadow of reality continues.....

    Nice...very nice BrightShadow! The best story I`ve ever read. But u still haven`t answered my question...how many chapters r there? ( or maybe u dun just know yet? )

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    Searching God isn`t peaceful.
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    Re: shadow of reality continues.....

    Quote Originally Posted by DogDemon
    Nice...very nice BrightShadow! The best story I`ve ever read. But u still haven`t answered my question...how many chapters r there? ( or maybe u dun just know yet? )
    I did. I said around 30............ I think....

    next chapter...... (Yes, I know it's soon.) This chapter's kinda short.

    Chapter 7
    Sakuya, the Thieving Magician

    The scene was eccentric. As soon as they stepped out of the door, Terra realized that she was standing on the river. But strangely, she didn’t sink. She stood over the powerful current, watching it rush. They walked forward and Terra noticed that each time that they stepped, a shining ripple erupted from their feet.
    “Terra,” Ukaberu said brightly, “look at this.” He pointed upward.
    There were several flowers hanging in the air. Each flower was isolated, making it easy to see each flower. Ukaberu reached up, and as he did, a blue rose flew to his hand. Another blue rose took the place of the old one.
    “This place is really cool, isn’t it? I wonder where the serpents are.”
    Ukaberu looked at Terra. “Yeah, the two golden serpents. They’re really fun to watch- they dance and race each other.” The conversation was concluded when they were interrupted.
    “Let me back in!” A tall man yelled at yet another armored man, except for this time, the armor was brighter and seemed less heavy. The two strangers were walking on the air above Terra and Ukaberu.
    “Come on,” Ukaberu said calmly. “While we are over the river, we have the ability to float, as long as the flowers are here.”
    All that Terra had to do was think of flying, and her body obeyed. Soon, her and Ukaberu were ascending to a point right next to the unarmored stranger. Terra could now see that the unfamiliar person had a long staff. The color seemed gray at first, but Terra could tell that it had a dark blue glow to it. The man had short, blonde hair.
    “I will not let you in!” The armored man yelled back.
    “Hey!” Ukaberu began to shout, “What’s this all about?”
    “He won’t let me come into the town,” The tall man replied. “He’s probably one of the ‘Grand Ruler’s’ goons.”
    “I am not!” the man yelled again, “I am a town guard, not one of those thieving thugs!”
    “Oh,” the other stranger began, “speaking of thieving-” He pulled out a dagger. “I think that this is yours.” The man handed him the dagger. “You must have ‘dropped’ it.”
    “That is exactly why I can not let you in the town! You still have the crime of thievery to pay for!”
    The tall man frowned. “Oh, blow it out your-”
    “Insolent little-” The guard punched the man in the face, knocking him back down to the river.
    “You shouldn’t have done that,” the man said while standing up. “You don’t know who I am, do you? I am Sakuya Tanaka, the great magician. Now then, I might let you go if you get on your knees, beg for mercy, and then run off to somewhere where I can never see your ugly face again.”
    The guard grinded his teeth loudly. “Why you little punk! Who do you think you are?!”
    Sakuya smiled. “I just told you.” Suddenly his staff caught on fire. “I don’t see any begging.” Sakuya waited for a moment, and then said, “Fine, have it your way.” The fire swirled around the staff and then jumped at the guard. The guard gasped as the flames clashed with his armor, making him fall to the river.
    “I hope you have a fun time drowning.” The fire expanded and rushed to the flowers floating in the air. When all of the flowers had burnt, trouble came.
    Spontaneously, instead of falling on the river, the guard fell into the river, beginning to struggle for his life. Terra and Ukaberu fell out of the sky, while Sakuya was not effected at all. Before Terra and Ukaberu were about to hit the water, they both stopped. And, as she looked up, Terra knew why. Some of the exotic flowers had returned to the air.
    Sakuya laughed. “Now that the flowers have returned, the river is sealed again, and so is he!” Terra realized that he was right. Since the flowers had returned, the guard had no hope of coming out of the river. “All well,” he said.
    “The guard was actually just a bunch of possessed armor anyway. It was easy to tell.” Sakuya turned away, but then hesitated. “Wait a second. I sense something. Could it be-” He turned back around and stared at Ukaberu who was floating in the air. “You have it, don’t you? You have the chain of Chikara!” Sakuya turned to Terra. “And you have the magic of Chikara!”
    Terra became confused. She knew that she had the magic of Chikara, but she was bewildered at what the chain of Chikara was.
    Sakuya smiled as wide as ever. “Two prizes in one place. This will be very interesting.” He pointed his staff at Terra and Ukaberu. “Hand them over, or I’ll have to take them from you.”
    Ukaberu laughed. “You sound like you know a lot about these items, but if you really did know a lot about them, you’d have already known that they can not be taken. They have to be willingly given.”
    Rage rushed into Sakuya’s eyes. “No! This can’t be! You must be lying! Your lying!” His staff caught on fire again.
    “You think that I would lie? Try to take it.” Ukaberu pulled out the rectangular box. He opened it, and carried out a glowing red chain. He held it in front of him. Sakuya soared up and tried to grab the chain, but it forcefully rejected Sakuya’s hands.
    “Why?! Why can’t I take it?”
    “I just told you,” Ukaberu mocked Sakuya.
    Sakuya growled at Ukaberu as his face turned red. “Fine. I’ll just follow you two until you give me the chain.” Sakuya smiled. “And the magic of Chikara too,” he corrected himself.
    Ukaberu and Terra both frowned. “Oh great,” Ukaberu whined.


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    Re: shadow of reality continues.....

    Hmmm...I dun know what do say anymore...just...keep up the good work, very nice story, amazing...just like reading a really exciting book! My advice to ya....make a book of it...or anime, manga

    Finding God is not peaceful.
    Searching God isn`t peaceful.
    The thought that God exists is peaceful enough.

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    Re: shadow of reality continues.....

    Sweet story so far. Keep it up. I look foward to reading the rest.

    +=My Space=+ Thanks zeroenix for the sig and avi... wait that's me. +=zeroenix.net=+

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    Re: shadow of reality continues.....

    Here is the next chapter- Enjoy!

    Chapter 8
    The Unspoken Name

    “So,” Terra began, “where are we going next? To the inn?”
    “No, it’s too dangerous in this city. The grand ruler’s thugs are everywhere. Plus, there are guys like Sakuya walking around.”
    “Hey!” Sakuya objected, “I heard that!”
    Terra disregarded Sakuya. “Then where will we go?”
    “The town of Moeru.”
    “Don’t ignore me!” Sakuya shouted.
    “Moeru? Where’s that?”
    Ukaberu stared at his feet. “My home town. My real home town. It’s only about a half of a days walk from here.”
    “Half of a day?” Terra inquired, “It’s already halfway through this day.”
    “We’ll have to make a stop and sleep outside. We can get there by tomorrow.”
    Terra groaned. “Not another long walk.”
    “We don’t have to sleep outside,” Sakuya began, “On the way, there is a large house that an old lady lives in. She’ll let us stay there.”
    “Good,” Ukaberu mentioned, “because I don’t have any kind of equipment to camp outside.” He laughed. “I’ll buy some equipment when we get to Moeru.”
    Sakuya sighed. “This is going to be,” he paused, “interesting.”
    The three of them walked down the river as the same bright ripples expanded from their foot steps. Terra just seemed to notice that it wasn’t raining any more.
    “Ukaberu?” Terra began, “Did you realize that it isn’t raining?”
    Ukaberu looked up at the sky. “Yes it is. This river is still part of the town. The flowers keep the raindrops from hitting the river, but that still means that it’s raining.”
    “Oh,” Terra lowly stated, seeming a little disappointed in such a simple answer.
    They soon reached the edge of the wide river, a grassy, swampy place that connected to the land. Once they were no longer under the flowers, the rain continued to pound on the land, though they each had clothing to keep the rain from touching them. The path ahead of them was a wide trail that was narrowed only by thick forests on either side of the path. The three of them had not yet passed the trees on the sides of the trail, but, to Terra, the trees seemed a little brighter than the ones behind them. As they stepped beyond the first tree, the rain stopped.
    “Does that mean we left the town?” Terra questioned.
    “The fact that the rain stopped?”
    Terra nodded.
    “Yeah, we’re finally out of that crazy town.”
    Terra became amazed at everything that had happened in such a short time. She had been through so much and she could hardly take it in. Terra looked up a the path before her. It seemed incessant and repetitive. But, for some reason, Terra didn’t seem to care. She smiled. Sakuya stared at her with a strange look on his face.
    “Are you all right?” He inquired.
    Terra returned his glance with hers. “Yeah, I’m fine.”
    But, without warning, a fog hastily rolled onto the path, catching all three of them by surprise. Following it, a strong downpour came.
    “More rain?!” Ukaberu whined as a bolt of lightning flashed and a crack of thunder came.
    A figure appeared in the middle of the trail. It was heading towards them languidly, slouching as it walked. Soon, it became close enough to clearly see it. It was the girl that they had seen in Kumo Ame. Terra realized that heavy rain seemed to follow this girl everywhere. The girl still had the same spiked chains wrapped around her, and the same blank mask.
    “!seiromem ym morf em evaS .em pleH” The girl spoke, though no one could understand her except Terra. Her voice sounded low, and echoed in an extremely eerie manner.
    “What?” Sakuya and Ukaberu asked in unison.
    “ .em evas ,esaelP”
    “Can’t you understand her?” Terra asked Sakuya and Ukaberu. “She says that she needs help from something.”
    Ukaberu and Sakuya looked at each other. “How can you understand what she’s saying?” Ukaberu wondered. Terra shrugged. “I have an idea. Why don’t you translate for us?”
    “.desruc ma I”
    Terra translated, “ She says that desruc s’ehS .”
    Ukaberu and Sakuya looked at each other again. “Oh great. Now we can’t understand Terra either.”
    The girl spoke again, “.146374 si eman yM”
    “She says that her name is &84=(#”
    Ukaberu frowned. “This isn’t getting us nowhere. We can’t understand her, and we can’t understand you when you speak for her.”
    “Well,” Terra began, “I guess I’ll be the only one talking to her then.” Terra turned to the girl. “So, ~:-_%# why don’t you take your mask off?”
    “.os gniod morf em sdibrof esruc yM”
    “?esruc ruoy Why are you cursed?”
    “.nialpxe ot gnol oot ekat dluow tI”
    “Oh,” Terra began, “Well then, I’ll take off your mask for you.”
    Terra reached for the mask, but before she could reach it, a small blue dragon appeared from 3&)^)0’s shoulder. The dragon was so small that it could fit into #%7?>(‘s hand if it wanted to. It spat a sharpened splinter of ice at Terra’s hand. It missed, and instead hit 78`=+*’s mask. It made a crack in the top right corner of her mask that was smaller than the blue dragon. The piece of the mask that was fractured fell to the ground, uncovering </-)*(‘s right eye. Her eye was shut tight.
    “!ti leef nac I ,denekaew neeb sah esruc yM”
    Terra answered, “Does that mean your curse is broken?”
    “.denekaew tsuj ,oN”
    “Oh, sorry. What was that thing that tried to attack me?”
    “.ot mih tnaw t’nod I fi neve ,em stcetorp eh ,nogard ym saw tI”
    Sakuya and Ukaberu looked bored, as they had lost all hope to ever understand what was going on. Terra noticed that &8*^6!’s right eye was still shut.
    “It’s alright for you to open your eye.”
    @678f( opened her right eye. A mighty shiver ran down Terra’s spine. A scene played before her, a memory. A little girl wearing torn clothing was sitting in a large room with stone walls. Both the girl and the room were covered in blood. The girl was crying. She was feeling pain. And, without warning, Terra felt the pain too. It was an eerie, immense pain that took over her body. It was such a powerful aching that Terra was nearly sure that she was about to die. But, she didn’t die. She wouldn’t die. Terra knew that the pain would not stop. And, at this moment, Terra wanted to die.
    “Terra?” Terra heard Ukaberu’s voice call. “Terra?! Answer me!”
    In reality, Terra was still on the trail. She was shivering madly. Ukaberu was shaking her, trying to get her to wake up. Terra soon felt cold. So extremely cold that it almost felt worse than the aching.
    Terra put her hands over her ears, knelt down on the ground, and began crying. “Make it stop!” she yelled in a high-pitched, desperate voice. “Stop it!” Her voice became so shrill that Sakuya, and even Ukaberu had to cover his ears.
    Finally, Terra woke. The pain stopped, and the immense cold halted. @#$%^& was standing where she had been before Terra had looked into her eye. Ukaberu and Sakuya stood beside Terra as she lifted herself up.
    “What just happened?” Ukaberu asked.
    “I don’t know.”
    &*(%#@ answered, “Some of my memories were released when the piece of my mask broke off.” !@`~-+’s voice was still eerie and echoed strangely.
    “Hey!” Sakuya interrupted, “I can understand now!”
    “That is probably another that my mask had on me. My curse makes me literally speak backwards. Since I’ve had my curse, no one has ever been able to hear what I’ve been saying. No one,” she corrected herself, “except her.”
    “Why me?” Terra questioned.
    “I do not know. But, I suppose we will figure that out later.”
    Terra stared at her. “Wait, does that mean that your coming with us.”
    “I suppose so. Where are you heading anyway?”
    Ukaberu sighed. “The town of Moeru.”
    7^!)_> frowned under her mask. “I will follow you. And, once we arrive, I believe that I have something to show you.”
    “Fine,” Sakuya stated, “Come on, let’s go.”
    “Your not in the place to give orders,” Ukaberu reminded Sakuya, “You are following us without permission.”
    Sakuya looked away. “Whatever.”
    The group of four moved onward.

    If you haven't figured it out yet, you can literally read what the girl said backwards to understand..... Oh, and the girl's name is supposed to be like that..
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