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Thread: !!!Shadow of Reality- next chapter!!!

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    Exclamation !!!Shadow of Reality- next chapter!!!

    Hello ppl! since my old thread went to the archive i had to start a new one. but, for those who have been reading, hold your horses! i have the 3rd chapter ready, but, the post is too long. so, post on here and then i can make a new post for the 2nd chapter, then make another post for the 3rd chapter!

    Here you go!

    Shadow of Reality

    Chapter 1
    Becoming a Shadow

    “Terra!“ her mother was yelling from inside the confines of the messy kitchen that resided next to the exceedingly dark living room which Terra sat in. “Go to bed!” Terra had been sitting in her miniscule bedroom, reading a rather thick book with a flashlight. She was pretending to be fast asleep, and since Terra had stopped all sorts of illumination (besides the flashlight), she was doing a decent job of this. Unfortunately, her mother could see the very dim light that was originating from the small flashlight that Terra held in her hands.
    Terra contemplated the situation at hand and decided that it would be best if she read the rest of the book tomorrow. She reached for her purple book mark when she unintentionally dropped the book she was holding in her left hand. It fell over her bedside and hit the floor with a faint thud. Terra glanced over the corner of her large bed. The book rested on the floor next to what seemed to be a diminutive pendant.
    As Terra descended down onto the floor she pointed the flashlight at the small trinket. Terra could now see that the accessory was a small crystal that had been placed in a silver ring. Attached to it was a thin chain, obviously made so that the charm could be worn. The pendant’s crystal was very eccentric because of it’s habit of changing from a sea-blue color to turquoise, and then into the same sea-blue color that it had been previously.
    Though the incessant change of hues made by the small trinket was very fascinating, another swift shout of, “Go to bed!” gave Terra the impression that she should do as she was instructed. Terra flipped through the pages of the book, positioned the bookmark at the appropriate spot, placed the necklace in a nearby drawer, and finally turned the small flashlight off. After all of these tasks had been done, Terra rested her head against the nearest pillow. Within five minutes, Terra was fast asleep.

    A huge crowd of birds flew upward in a spiral fashion. The huge city in which Terra stood was shaded by the night that had come. The town was cloaked even further by the heavy rain now falling from the cloud-filled sky. As the last bird flew out of sight, a tall man wearing a black hood suddenly appeared. The man didn’t speak a word, and the silence stayed, but the mysterious man still managed to stretch out his left hand. When his firm fist unclenched, Terra could see that a large, black key rested in his hand. The pitch-black key was just large enough to fit in the man’s hand. The key had many strange designs on it, making it a piece of art as well as a key. But after Terra had fully inspected the key, it and the strange man vanished.

    Terra woke, though there was no noise or light to wake her. The room was still dark, and not a sound could be heard anywhere in the house. Terra pulled herself up and went to the small light switch by the door. She flipped it and light came pouring into the room. Terra slowly walked to her drawer and with a short yawn she looked up at her own reflection.
    Her blonde hair glimmered in the bright illumination of the room. Terra’s blue eyes seemed to be much darker than they usually looked, probably because of her drowsiness. Terra was wearing a simple yellow T-shirt, and some long, kaki pants. After she was done inspecting herself she walked back towards her bed. Terra sat at her lonely bedside, gazing out of her foggy window. Outside there was a blinding haze that was so thick that it was impossible to see anything but fog. Even the tall tree that stood just a few feet away from the window was cloaked. School had been cancelled that morning because of the dense mist.
    Terra was amazed at an ultimate silence that had fallen around her. Manipulated by curiosity, Terra rushed to her door into the hallway. She shuddered as the door abruptly closed. The sound of the door closing loudly echoed through the whole house, making a powerful shiver run down Terra‘s spine. But the sight in front of her shocked Terra even more. The living room at the end of the hall had no color.
    Terra ran up to the black and white room to recognize the intensity of the situation. She hastily rubbed her eyes to make sure her pupils weren’t fooling her, and pinched her own right arm to confirm she was awake. Now terror had really filled her heart. Terra’s eyes were fine, and she felt the sharp pinch on her arm. She was awake. Terra realized that she was shaking fiercely but couldn’t make herself stop. She would have stayed in that position for the rest of her life if it hadn’t been for a small bird perched on a lamp that had shrilly started screaming.
    The sound of the scream was so high-pitched that Terra could swear she heard a window break. Terra had to cover her ears from the horrible shriek. The piercing noise was no sound for a mere bird to make, or anything actually. But, the horrendous siren was nothing but a signal to another fleet of frightful birds. The other birds rushed in from the left side of the living room ( from Terra’s viewpoint). Luckily, as the new flock of birds sat on different objects in the living room, the original bird stopped making the awful noise.
    Then another horrible event came to be. The earth ferociously shook. Nearly every object in the house fell over. The remaining color faded into a shade of gray. Random items began to spontaneously vanish. After Terra had seen more than a dozen different things disappear, she closed her eyes. Suddenly, the whole world seemed to shatter, as if the scene was a picture, and was broken like glass. The ground gradually began to stop vibrating. Terra finally opened her eyes and saw nothing. All that was remnant of the world was a white, empty void.
    A voice called out, “Nothing . . . . you are just a shadow.” The unfamiliar voice was very calm. “You are fake.”
    “Who are-” Terra stopped as she realized her voice was incredibly frail and almost non-existent. “Who are you?” she asked this time, trying to speak louder.
    “You won’t be able to speak clearly again until you accept.”
    “Accept?” Terra shivered as a cold breeze rushed over her.
    “ I will explain when I come to you,” was the mysterious voice’s answer. “But for now, stay calm as the portal to the true world opens.” And as he said this, a small, colorless sphere appeared directly in front of Terra. “The gateway has opened!” the voice said, this time with a steady, powerful tone.
    The minute orb then began to gradually grow. As the sphere grew nearer, Terra’s first intention was to run, but for some reason, her legs wouldn’t obey. Terra felt breathless, and now couldn’t move any part of her body. So, Terra stood there, having no choice other than to let herself be in gulped by the ever-growing “gateway”. She was at the mercy of the orb.

    - waiting for the next post!

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    Re: !!!Shadow of Reality- next chapter!!!

    Well...make the post! Man...I`ve been dieing to read the third chapter xD

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    Re: !!!Shadow of Reality- next chapter!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by DogDemon
    Well...make the post! Man...I`ve been dieing to read the third chapter xD
    like i said before, i cant fit 'em all in one post. and i dont want ppl to have to dig in the archive for the first two chapters. post more so i dont have to double post.

    Chapter 2
    The Proposition

    The sphere took over as Terra fell into a tunnel. The tunnel was strange because of it’s appearance. Like everything that Terra had seen for the past hour or so, it was lacking of any color, but waves of different shades of grey gave Terra the impression that the tunnel was more of a vortex. Another thing that made it strange was the fact that it held Terra in place as she uncontrollably floated through it. But soon the tunnel ended, and at the end was what seemed to be a portrait of the “true world”.
    Terra soared through the large picture and as she did, ripples erupted from it, as if she was penetrating through the surface of water. Darkness washed over Terra. But as sudden and spontaneously as the darkness had fallen, the dark abyss broke and morphed into a large town. She had escaped the darkness, but unfortunately for Terra, she ended up in the sky instead of the ground. Terra vigorously gasped as she zoomed through the air, wishing for wings. Terra had no other thoughts than how it would hurt to hit the cobblestone land below her.
    She was only a foot from the ground when she abruptly stopped in midair. A bubble of wind seemed to be holding her. The “bubble” was actually a sphere of wind exhilarating at an incredible speed. In fact, the air was moving so fast that Terra could see it’s movements.
    “You are safe,” a man lowly stated. He had his arm outstretched and his hand pointing straight up. He lowered his hand, and in a synchronized motion, the wind-sphere lowered as well. When the bubble of air was just an inch from land, it vanished, ,letting Terra fall flat on her stomach. “Oh!” the stranger yelled when he saw Terra fall to the ground. Terra groaned as she was pulled up by the stranger. “Sorry, I’m not so good at that yet.”
    “Um,” Terra moaned, rubbing her head, “where am I?”
    “At the town of Kumo Ame, oh, and by the way, in this town you’re going to need a cloak-the hood will come in handy.”
    “Look around you.” Terra turned around, inspecting everything in order to understand the man. She saw the cobblestone road that she had almost fallen on to, some leafless trees, many stone buildings squeezed close to each other, and some clouds in the sky. Terra also noticed that everything was completely lacking of color-like all of the things she had seen for a very long time. In fact, Terra wasn’t sure she’d ever see color again.
    “Don’t you feel a little different?” the stranger asked. “Like, for example, wet?”
    “Wet?” Terra looked at herself and finally realized it was raining. “Oh.”
    The man (more like a teenager) laughed and introduced himself. “My name is Ukaberu, and Kumo Ame is where I live. So, what’s your name?”
    “Ukaberu . . . . ,” she said in an extremely low voice. Ukaberu gazed at Terra as she stared at the ground. She looked up and blushed. “Sorry. My name is Terra.” In Terra’s mind, she knew that name. She was positive that she had heard Ukaberu before. Even if she didn’t know anyone by that name she remembered that exact name from somewhere.
    “Uh, Terra,” Ukaberu said when she began to stare into space again. Terra blinked and blushed as she had before. “Hey,” he began, “I’ve been meaning to ask you, why is your voice so low? I can hardly hear it.”
    “Um-,” she tried to explain before she was interrupted.
    “Hey you!” an armored man loudly yelled. He was looking at Ukaberu. “You’re the unregistered shiyosha!” He held out his hand with his palm positioned vertically, as Ukaberu had while catching Terra. Small sparks began to dance around his hand. Soon, the sparks grew into fully charged bolts of lightning. The man retracted his hand and then pushed it forward. The sparks jumped out of his hand, heading towards both Ukaberu and Terra. Terra instinctively ducked, but Ukaberu unsheathed a wide sword and tried to block the lightning attack. Neither one of them would have been safe if it hadn’t been for a mysterious person jumping in front of the assault. Before the bolt reached him, a transparent shield appeared. The shield was round, and was larger than he was. This defense seemed as feeble as the protection that had been provided before, but the shield fully deflected the attack, redirecting it at a nearby tree.
    “Run!” The man yelled as the road underneath him strangely began to crack. Ukaberu and Terra deliberately obeyed and ran behind a mound of uprising steps. A powerful explosion near the lightning-struck tree made the armored tyrant look away from the other stranger. As the armored man was distracted, the stranger disappeared in a short puff of smoke. The brief pop that followed the strangers disappearance made Terra gasp, but Ukaberu covered Terra’s mouth with his hands in order to prevent the armored man from finding them. But Ukaberu’s hands did not actually cover her mouth. His hands passed through her face, as if Terra was a ghost. Ukaberu retracted his hands and stared in amazement, but now wasn’t the time for questions.
    After the armored person climbed the stairs and was out of sight, a cloud of smoke abruptly emerged and soon formed the shape of a person kneeling on the ground. The smoke then vanished once again, revealing the stranger that had protected Terra and Ukaberu.
    “Hey,” Terra began, realizing her voice was still very frail, “are you that voice?”
    “Sometimes,” he said without moving from his crouched down position or even looking up.
    “Um, Ok, What’s your name anyway?”
    “I an called many things.” After saying this, the man finally stood up and inspected the area. “He’ll be back. With friends. We need to hurry.” He looked at Terra. Suddenly a card materialized in his hands. From what Terra could tell, the card the stranger held in his two fingers was blank on one side, and a blackish color on the other side. “Look into the card,” he said as he held the white, blank side of the card near to Terra’s face.
    Without any warning, Terra fell into a deep sleep. In her dream, she was in the same blank void as before, except there was no sphere to take her away to a new world. “Hello?” she called, trying to find another person.
    “Hello,” a familiar voice resounded. Terra turned around and saw the stranger.
    “Why am I here again?” Terra inquired.
    “You are not here. This is a dream.” The stranger paused a second, and spoke again. “I have come here to help you- or hurt you. Which ever you see it as.”
    Terra made a face that signified her own confusion. “What?”
    “I am going to give you life in this world. I will give you the power to speak in the true world without the magic of Chikara. Surely you have noticed that your sight isn’t as sharp as it once was? It is not just because of lack of color. I will give you the power to see vividly. When I give you life you will also see in color and you will have the ability to speak clearly. The last of my gifts will be the ability to be solid rather than ghost-like. But, all of these gifts have a price.”
    A worried look ran across Terra’s face. “ A price? What will it cost?”
    “I do not need currency. In fact, I do not get any profit from the price at all. The price is your memory. If you choose to accept my gifts then your memory will gradually start to fade. And as your memory diminishes, your identity will as well. But keep in mind, it will be difficult to roam this world without the abilities that I can give you. At these stakes, what is your choice?”
    Terra considered the offer. “Will I ever be able to return to my world?” she asked, trying to grab more evidence before deciding.
    “A shadow has never returned before. It isn’t very likely.”
    Terra felt that nothing was turning in her favor. Thoughts raced through her mind- ’If I choose to accept I will lose my memories. It will be difficult to find my way back home if I don’t have memories. But, it will be even more difficult without this “life”. . . . . .’ “I’ve made my decision.”
    “Now, what will you choose? To accept my gift, or to deny it?”
    “I . . . . I accept .”
    “Very well then. When you awaken you will have all of the powers I mentioned previously. Oh, and have this.” He pulled out a small mirror seemingly out of nowhere. The stranger tossed it at Terra and she caught it. “You might need that. Keep it safe.” He turned and was about to walk away when he was halted.
    “Hold on. What was that thing you mentioned earlier- the magic of Chikara?”
    “It is the pendant around your neck.” After answering her question he vanished in another cloud of haze. Though the stranger was gone, his voice lingered a little longer. “You asked me my name before. I am Kado.”
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