Shattered Reflections

A dreamer born into a world full of the unknown
Surrounded by family, friends and love that seems endless
Yet to realize his purpose he begins to a clouded journey
Life has a plan for him the question is will he accept the challenge

Time passes and his life seems undaunted by time almost perfect
Making new friends he ventures through life’s twist and turns easily
Searching for someone or something to reveal the foreshadowing truth
None the less truth is not ready to unveil it meaningful design to him

Now a man and a purpose start to emerge and form a vision
Blessed with talents of writing and singing he wants to know more
Wondering will this dream be his own or can it be shared with others
A new dream now begins to coincide with dreams of the past

Reaching out into an untamed future a new feeling of loneliness emerges
People pass by as he begins to search and select a significant other
Friends who he once held dear no longer care for him and leave him in the dark
Forced to walk his existence in a world all alone he continues his search for love

Countless experiences of love batter him until there is nothing left but a shell
Lies that were shielded from an innocent man now begin to appear like the sun
Unfaithfulness rearing its ugly head as a trend in society for a man to follow
A sheltered world now shatters but he continues to look for the woman of his dreams

Years pass and he finally finds a woman who is beautiful and worthy to be loved
Someone who has a heart bigger than his to cherish forever like a diamond
Her smile makes every care in the world melt away in an instance her voice angelic
For her the bond of marriage can be made a reality for her he wants to be the best

Hoping that he will be the one she selects he search begins to come to an end
Wanting nothing more than to give her the world he waits faithfully for their time
Days go by and all that races through his mind that once was clouded is hope
Wishing for the chance to look into her beautiful eyes and say I Love You