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Thread: She Prefers Prostitute

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    She Prefers Prostitute

    Stamped with the title hooker
    Trying to achieve maximum deviancy

    Prowling the dirty midnight
    Jumping at the prospect of cash

    Ready to bow to an overlord
    Flinching when the pimp cane swings

    Desperately seeking the hidden
    Yearning to find her pieces

    She prefers prostitute
    Quid Pro Quo

    Blindly grabbing pieces
    Cramming them into wrong places

    She is no one to anyone
    Apparently, or so she thinks

    She can't hook anymore
    The police caught her

    They said she has AIDS
    And returned her to her mother

    Ooooo! Child prostitution and the controversy of AIDS/STD's.

    Dood, I'm good.

    (Just to show you I've still got the warp.)
    the love you withhold is the pain you carry.

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    Re: She Prefers Prostitute

    This has to be one of the best poems here.
    I lie it for it speaks the truth. Keep it up

    Born to rule, raised to lead, taught to establish: The African Queen

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