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Thread: she said...

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    she said...

    We use to talk about the good times and the bad
    Even though when I talked, I was always mad
    You sat there and listened to me
    I said that I was tired of this place
    Wanted to go and leave this maze
    Said that I hated it and just wanted to move on
    But you told me that if I went, everything will be gone
    I thought what does he know
    It's all just a show…
    For him

    Now, I can finally leave this hell
    It's my turn to say farewell
    But as I packed, I remember all the good
    And the bad
    How many times we laughed
    And cried
    Now that I think about it
    Do I really want to leave?
    Would I want to leave him or my life?
    Do I really want to start over again?

    The answer is

    Hey guys its been awhile since my last post of a poem. I been having these crazy emotions lately and I just had to write this. =]

    Thanks lifeforce! (:

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    Re: she said...

    even though its been a while sweet ur still an awsome writer i really liked this poem of yours i hope to see more 10/10

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    Re: she said...

    Hmmm.... interesting. I like the rhyming in the first stranza and I like how you put in contrasts in the second stranza... Something seems to be hmissing tough... Hmm... there's a bit of confusion about why the lyrical "me" even wants to leave and how come it's a show.... So shortly- you should make it longer

    Otherways it was interesting to read this and I hope to see more! ^^

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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