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Thread: She wrote this to him and he gave it to me

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    She wrote this to him and he gave it to me

    Shippo101: Sorry to but in but just so ya know i didnt write this.

    I love in the morning
    And i love you in the knight
    I love when wroung
    as much as your right
    I love you when your up
    And even when your down
    I love you when you smile
    And feel badly when you frown
    I love the wonderful ways
    You show me that you care
    I love the safe feeling
    of knowing you are there
    You can always make me smile
    with the things you say or do
    And that smile is made from the love
    The love i feel for you

    Shippo101:Yea! like i said i didnt write this so to the poeple who skimmed through...............BUSTED! Any ways a dude i thought i loved gave this to me but his dumb self
    never finshed erasing her name. That very second i said it was over............Heck it could've been true...............Um i broke up with him on V-Day................Crap! it can
    never last long, but i really want this to change. Choa! for now!
    Shippo is determined to become a lvl higher
    I'm a solider of Pen and Paper!
    <3 Atomik_Sprout <3

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    Re: She wrote this to him and he gave it to me

    It's okay if you didn't made this... At least it's very nice... Very relaxing... *Stretches my arms...*

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    Re: She wrote this to him and he gave it to me

    it is okay there is not alot of passion it is missing that spark to get it going
    what i really like is how it shows devotion and the simple things that make her happy

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