I should have left it sitting down in my gut.
It had a job to do, and a soul to cut.

I knew, at least, it would reach my heart.
But, we have both grown so far apart.

Could've left it in my throbbing heart...but instead,
I let it slip further... Making my bed.

It balled up in my throat, like words I can't say.
But yet, somehow, in this bed I lay.

It came rushing to my cheeks, making them swell.
I could hold it in no more... I just HAD to tell.

How I wish I could have left it sit under my tongue.
To insure it would be heard by the right someone.

Should've been careful of the secrets I let slip past my jaws.
I had no idea what turmoil just 3 words could cause.

From my gut, to my heart, to my lips... the words flew.
"I Know you are loved because..... I LOVE YOU...."