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Thread: Shorts 2

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    Shorts 2

    [touch me money]

    Make like slow and
    shine smoothly onto
    my street of dreams,

    move on down to the
    place where wishes
    come true;

    Cause it's there baby,
    I fully will
    make a man out of you.

    [it's just a cut]

    It's on my mind honey,
    that body of yours.
    And maybe I'm honest
    but I can't lie to you..

    Or sometimes I hate
    all the teensy lines
    that make up your
    twisted face, yes.

    But I can't lie to you,
    and yes I love you,
    but I can lie to myself.
    And the knife is true.

    [those old habits]

    I can't even see
    anymore, why you like
    feeling so high.

    Mama, why do you
    do these things when
    you know it hurts us.

    And I can't say how
    much and dearly I love
    you Mama, anymore.

    [going nowhere]

    Nothing more, nothing less.
    Of all, of you,
    and more and more.
    Sometimes it's all
    just I love you.

    [we're all high on k]

    Kan't we all spell just kool,
    yes, with a k. and it's
    krazy but no can tell anymore
    bekause they're all too
    high on life!

    And why not with k,
    the magikal k and it's
    kool powers to bring the
    best trip of your amazing
    teen lifestyle.

    So hey, and stuff, lets
    do some k because
    my mom left me money
    and left for Vegas
    to marry the k dealer.

    k is the best it beats
    all the rest! k is my god
    that I humble myself to--
    And yes, I'm eighteen.

    [wear a hat]

    We are them, those of distaste.
    The girls yes, who were not chaste,
    who made of their haste
    and let their skirts be chased.

    [this is thy sheath]

    Not you but I
    whom must die.

    By the knife
    or a kiss.

    And we kissed
    and loved.

    Held tight
    and married.

    though we be

    [alcoholics anonymous]

    The shining bottle
    holding high into the air.
    Brings fire in liquid
    in the hour passed mid.

    The lights grow darker
    in the sky outside.
    But I can't see a thing
    because the bottle in empty.

    And I stumble in home,
    upon my sleeping family.
    And they know I have a problem,
    I can't help myself.


    and it's the end here,
    where I say it's done,
    but you there, indeed,
    can leave a comment,
    and plant your seed.
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    Re: Shorts 2

    Man... Im excited to see your work... havent read any for a while (haven't seen any for a while).

    These all have a strangeness to them (The strangeness which is you.. lol). Its definately not a bad thing. They are all very interesting. Which is something we certainly need more of here on AO. (Although, I am guilty of being creator of the not so interesting).

    My favorites here include "alcoholics anonymous". These lines here stand out:
    "The lights grow darker
    in the sky outside.
    But I can't see a thing
    because the bottle in empty."

    Also, "wear a hat" is another fav... It took me a bit, but I think maybe I get the title now. *nods and smiles*

    And "its just a cut" Don't know if I really understood it... but I liked it none the less.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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