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Thread: Shorts #3 (10 Kisses)

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    Shorts #4 (10 Kisses)

    Kiss someone until you cannot breath;
    drink from their eyes urgently.
    Place your hand on theirs,
    and tell them everything will be alright.
    Smoke entwines the air
    dancing elegantly around,
    wispy like a fat cloud-
    barely there with its toxic kiss.
    Burning soft fingers ravage
    taking everything selfishly,
    stealing all her kisses away.
    Fluttery wings like a baby's skin
    covering up my nakedness.
    All my ugliness swells forth,
    splashing from chapped lips.

    Dirty kisses regard my heart
    breaking and entering lawfully.
    Painting over the shell
    turning tragedy into beauty.
    One cannot take it to hand,
    a kiss is like water.
    His heart is peaceful in bliss
    latching to the moment-
    -receiving the brand in a kiss,
    shuddering along its slope.
    Papa the sun is falling down the sky,
    like me when I go to fast.
    The colors look like Mommy's dress.

    Papa, papa! make a wish-
    -hurry its almost night.
    Time is kissing itself papa.
    The heart is a soft target
    which is easily damaged.
    Sleep is a restless partner beside you-
    curling into your wakefulness as strongly
    as lips uttering their confession.

    Lacey words breathed into you
    commanding every thought of you being,
    is the first kiss not important?
    What else could be said of the lips,
    after such exploration.
    Erotic like the shake of the hips,
    the favorite vocation.

    Like the bliss of a million stars,
    let me reminisce...
    Healing my many scars,
    the tempting magic of a kiss.

    Happy early 420!
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