the jilted lover
Cranial extravaganza, in my mind.
Those old photos, I left behind.
Can you feel the bones grind?
Mercy paid to you in kind.
the diamond anniversary
Today is the 50th year we share a kiss,
wrinkled skin and leather hiss.
Perhaps we will lay side by side
having so long ago died.
the final countdown
Go on, smile your life away.
Spend all your money foolishly,
I don't care anymore.
Leave me alone and go home;
but be careful.

Walk out of my life
smiling so much the skin cracks-
take all your clothes.
You broke the battery of my heart.
I hope the car bomb kills you.
the truckers paradox
Inside something is amiss
turning hope to despair.
And oh, how incomplete waking is
because no ond helps you.

Grinning sharks in your drink,
gathering at the cup's bottom.
So much thick sludge, waste.
The rope can't be strong enough.
the luxurious abyss
Flashy expensive speed-wagon
slicked back blond hair. Huge
bottle of Viagra v2
well damn boy, you're rich.
the darkest truth
And there were flowers on the windowsill,
I knew things would be alright.
How could anything bad happen to us,
with flowers on the windowsill?

Okay, so these may seem a little more cynical than my words usually seem, I'm sorry. Many people have been commenting on my inability to make something lighthearted which is driving me crazy.

Dude, can it already. I totally get it, but bunnies are still totally lame. Also, sorry for the shortness of these shorts. I felt frisky, what can I say?