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Thread: Shorts

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    And suddenly her arms were there
    Wrapt around me once more
    For such a long time there were none
    But now, I am safe, with her once more
    Timid as those green eyes darting
    A soft hand caressing me
    Touching where hot aches lay
    Giving me what only she could
    Then retreating once again, away
    Hot tongues of ice whipping at my feet
    That chaotic orchestra playing our theme
    One of passion and detached lust
    Ever louder until silence breaks
    Her nails leave angry red marks on him
    But he loves it
    Her lustful glares leave him wanting
    And he loves it
    Her final gasp leaves him spent
    He loved it
    So precious beneath me
    A fragile monster of broken beauty
    My porcelain ballerina smeared with scarlet
    Laying in the aftermath smiling
    Regretting my soon departure
    Affairs are such troublesome things
    But I’ll be here, with him
    Until our job is finished and we are one
    His arms feel so foreign
    And his dominance makes me burn
    So different from a woman
    But yet I never yearn
    Storming sea breeze eyes
    A buzz cut and no clue
    His bullets tell no lies
    Crashed in the fighter jet he flew
    Calloused, lean, a fighter
    He is my man
    Soft, delicate, a butterfly
    She is my other half
    A hasty retreat to her bed
    Father, an intruder to our happiness, walks past
    She back to me, no words said
    We kiss and cuddle and hope this lasts
    She is a fallen woman, one who is the night
    But I find myself entranced by her sickly sight
    This story of a lady humbled to the earth
    Urges me to build her self worth
    And so, the decision made, I open my door
    To this beautiful one time gutter whore
    Warm lips on my neck
    Heavy breathing from my mouth
    A gloved hand roaming
    A revolver somewhere else
    That stinging pain she loves
    My sweet scent confusing her
    I want gentle hands, soft eyes
    She wants the whip again
    …Flowers and masochism
    Gazing back into the time before
    When his hands weren’t scarlet
    And his eyes weren’t cold
    When he would love me
    Before this angry war
    Love is the subtle cherry scent
    Coming from her neck
    Love is the rocking bed
    Making sleepless sounds
    Love is this being in my hands
    Waiting to call me daddy
    Another washed out day of nothing
    And a night of I can’t sleep
    My pimp says hit the corner
    One more wasted day
    Loose change dancing in her pocket
    She demeaned herself for 90 cents
    But for another rail of Coc
    She’d kill another man
    Blithe is the person beside me
    Unaware of my heart that burns
    Broken as it lies beneath me
    Frightened when the knife turns
    Cold and distilled autumn winds
    A nostalgic yearning in my gut
    His hand no longer over mine
    As I lock his coffin shut
    In this world of twisted beauty
    And of falsely smiling liars
    There is no middle ground
    No downtime in a war
    And a drop of true real love
    Face it as it is
    And anchor to our cold existence
    Or be dead men for not

    A collection of shorts I just finished writing. Some are good, some are okay. My favorites are #2, 5, 7, 11, 12, and 16.
    the love you withhold is the pain you carry.

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    Re: Shorts

    Brilliant. Utterly brilliant. Each one shows a different scene; I can imagine it all like some elaborate movie. Truly excellent.

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    Re: Shorts

    @.@ wow... this is... this is good.. @.@ a masterpiece there... what a cool shape of a poem... nicely done.. keep up the good work.. i love it~!

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