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Thread: Shrouded

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    Post Shrouded

    Again, not a poem


    Soul, the immortal essence,
    the very being of a man
    that reflects our deepest thoughts,
    passions, desires

    Some pure, some rotten,
    some taken, some suppressed,
    all visible yet hidden. Is it in our nature,
    the need to conceal ourselves
    in a curtain of deceit, fraud,
    avoidance, or are we unable
    to unshroud our being for
    others to see, look, touch

    One could try to reveal
    the secret of another's soul,
    thus breaking through the
    defences of the mind,
    the body, the soul itself,
    but he would find nothing as
    the truth would escape from him,
    break away from his grasp,
    never to be caught again

    Was the human soul meant to be
    like this, or did the nature of men
    mold it in it's own image;
    deceitful and obscure...
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