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Thread: Significance of lives

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    Significance of lives

    For this moment
    I stay quiet
    Not one peep
    coming out of my mouth

    I look to my left
    I look to my right
    Tears trickling
    from everyone's face

    Listening to eulogies always seems depressing
    when the speakers try to hold back tears
    But it's more depressing
    To not know the person in the casket

    He was your great uncle
    my parents told me
    Although I cannot remember him
    I still pay my respects by being here today

    As I sit in the pews
    I stare at the altar with a blank expression
    I feel as though
    I am an outcast among everyone else

    Without a doubt
    I am out of place
    Dozens of people are present
    mourning for his death

    Though I can't shed one tear
    I still acknowledge him as someone great
    Because for each tear shed by others
    proves he has helped shape each of their lives
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    Re: Significance of lives

    Strange title for representing the death of of one you did not know. I did attend once such an event where I did not feel concerned. I haven't read poems in this section for some time, but I see still some new faces that come and offer their insight, their inspiration, their experiences and their love of writing.

    I think this poem is lovely. It offers respect to every person we didn't know that died, are dying and will die. Tears are truly the strongest and most beautiful representation of our inner emotions. They can come in many forms and for different reasons. Thank you for sharing.
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    My favorite philosopher:

    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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