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Thread: Silence

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    One can listen into the distance
    Far off it eternally rings,
    A banner of luster ever so gray
    The song that is silence;
    Which the world sings

    Can you string me a fairer harp?
    An instrument that's never too sharp..
    One that's right on in perfect tone
    Never too low it's always at the right zone

    This temperance a subtle storm
    Beaten and broken to always reform,
    Nothing is louder yet nothing more soft
    The song of the empty world
    The silence truly rings up and aloft

    So cheer to the sky and praise the moon
    In the end it'll rule all soon
    Near the time of life's timely demise
    The silence will forever sway
    About the lights of the stars
    Tis no real surprise

    In the end with miracles
    And that which is godsend
    Behind it all when everything falls
    While failing also flailing trying to escape
    Beyond the human speaking lyricals
    The crazy gunman firing out shots-and~
    Rewinding back to when everything falls
    Silence remains after each
    Every single day, and so it calls.
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    Re: Silence

    Wow.....this is really good........you really have good vocabulary and the way you use those words go perfect with the title and the whole meaning of this poem.....
    great job!!!

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