Screams of anguish, haunting cries
Life of endless futile tries
Right or wrong totally blurred
Emotion, a meaningless word.

Lost hope, forgotten light
Only desperation and no respite.
Cold, dreary never ending night
Presented with the devil's cite.

Drowning in silence
A scarred conscience.
Raging war, lost battle
Broken heart, only mortal.

Crushed wings smeared in blood
A constant fight, his favourite hunt
Bartered soul, not my possession
Best ally to Cain's vengeance.

Masks of stone
Lies unfold
Bitter truth
A Lost youth

Hatred burning
Time aging
Lost in a maze
No lights ablaze.

No water, wind even rain
Prayers, just too inane
Forgotten love, not in sight
Closed doors at midnight

Mind numbing pain
A life, already slain
Dreams all a crumble
Coldness an eternal lover

Broken thoughts, lost mind
Will to live just resigned.
True loneliness the only friend
Happiness, just pretend.

Fantasy creatures, blind eyes
Perfect beauty's pure demise.
Face less moon, dark clouds,
Death and misery together vowed.