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Thread: Silent Lover

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    Silent Lover

    My heart was broken
    When he walked out
    He left me behind
    Now I'm broken
    My love haunts me
    My anger building
    Just when I feel
    Like I can't take it
    I relize that I
    Do have someone
    I never noticed before
    How you looked at me
    How you talked to me
    You are my best friend
    And ever since he left
    Silent lover,
    My eyes are finally opened
    And I relized you loved me
    Keeping it secret
    So now that I know
    I love you too.....
    My my, reminds me of something......

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    Re: Silent Lover

    Aww.... it seems a bit sad in a way but it's just so romantic!!!! I LOVE IT A LOT!!!!! So GO GO GO AKURA!!!!!!!!! I hope to see more!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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    Re: Silent Lover

    Reminds me of something too.Anyway i like it a 4/5 from me.Good job and keep writing.

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