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Thread: Silver Lining

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    Silver Lining

    If they must forcefully break a connection...
    Could she be sure that it was really rejection?
    He says he's not the answer, but he poses new questions.
    Shes sees her worth depleting, like a faded reflection.

    She can feel their bond. It goes beyond defining.
    He puts up walls, she has no chance of climbing.
    Her hopes are high... "Maybe its all in the timing."
    Maybe their dark cloud still has a silver lining...

    How much more time will she try to get over this?
    Just to throw herself at him... and pray for bliss?
    She was told from the very lips she kissed....
    "Sweet kisses probably wouldn't be worth the risk."

    She gave him the best of her, and now she can't forget.
    She knows what she wants, but he won't offer it.
    Shes given him a face where he could spit.
    Hoping he'd see beauty, and -want- to quit.

    Just because you can stop spitting in someones face
    Doesn't mean that it could be someone that you'd embrace.
    He considered himself to be a man of better taste....
    Then to love a fool, who'd let herself go to waste.

    But in good faith, she would still place a bet.
    If she lets hope die... She'll only have regret.
    Like a dark cloud when the sun starts to set...
    She looks. But hasn't found the silver lining yet.
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    Re: Silver Lining

    *Sheds tear* AwwW!!! That hit deep cause if you only realized how many times I stopped conversing <lost connection> with a person I like/liked... I always question myself & feel a lil' low at times... (Unless, of course I wanted the time apart, but even then I still question my decision)

    You also captured how optimistic one can be during a relationship when it has turned shady & how one looks up at the sky to look for that silver lining... But then you can also suggest how naive one can be also... That is also me in a relationship... I honestly love your work I don't know how many times I said it, but credit goes where credit is due... You know I have favorite lines & a favorite stanza, but I'll let you wonder what that is, but all in all your poem was great & a touching read... Thanks!!! ^_^

    The heart can't lie... Truth is... I love you!!!

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