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My sisters
They are always here for me
Whenever I am in need
We have a bound
That no one can believe
You can’t get a hold
Of this
Because you don’t see
The magic in our hearts
That belongs
To them and me

Ok I know this isn't the best and its way to short, but I made this for my sisters ^^ and in a way i'm saying thanks to them for alwayz having my back and that doesnt mean just them but to anyone really who alwayz was there for me. Thanks guys *cry* lol
...hehe, I finaly found it, lol. Sorry it to me so long. Anyways I'll correct u in some parts but I rather not. It's cool that u get along with ur sis so well, I know my sis don't and neither does my older bro and me. I guess being together all the time does that to u. Just wanted to compare, maybe make u feel better and appriciate what u have more, keep it up