^_^ Man, talk about a busy busy week! (d@mn you Cinco De Mayo... d@mn cops causing traffic... XD )


It was dark
I was alone
I had no one to hold
I had nothing to hold onto

If only one was gone
Then it would be alright

I could have darkness
As long as I wasn't alone

I could have someone to hold
In exchange for having nothing to hold onto


It was dark...

Then... it was dark.

But I wasn't alone anymore...
I had someone to hold onto...

But I had no real beliefs to hold.
My own faith I fought stronger with by fighting against it.
I accepted that I was in the dark.
That I was nothing to the world.

But I had someone to be with.
Someone to hold.

Was it worth it?

......... hell no!
O_o That crazy b!tch used me and abused me!
She tossed me around like a rag doll believing that she still loved me!

o_O And when I left her for another...
Because God-d@mn was I treated like sh!t...
0_0 She went into a state of denial as if I was everything to her.

O_O I don't care if it made sense to millions of people!
O__O She's still one crazy b!tch!!!


... but... it felt nice in a way...
That she turned her life into a hellhole...
Just because... she knew there was no one else like me...

*sigh* Despite the pain.
Despite the trouble.

I guess that was one way to know that...
... I had worth.

^.~ But screw her. I'm happy now! Haha!
(cold-hearted as I sound... I still am thankful)