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Thread: Sky's The Limit

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    Sky's The Limit

    You know the sky's the limit, but im in a "no fly zone"
    My boy's can't always help me they got problems of their own

    The darkness is overwhelming but still i look for the bright side
    And no one can call me "quitter" cause when i failed i still tried

    I've seen my life without the Lord and know i need Him in it
    The world wont let up on the pressure, not even for a minute

    The stress keeps piling up on top of my shoulders
    The weight is draggin' me down like im carrying boulders

    I didn't do anything to deserve the shit I've been put through
    So Lord tell me, what am i to do?

    He tells me "just stand firm and meet your challenges face to face
    And don't ever quit the game without takin first place!

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    Re: Sky's The Limit

    Yessir! You took me to church with that one. And thats surprising, because not to many peope can spiritually inspire me like that anymore. Heh, just when I wanted to thow up my hands and get hopeless again... I read something like this, and realize I gotta keep goin' till its over.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Sky's The Limit

    A very nice peom... very encouraging... the strenght and the courage in this poem- it's just great to read about it all... I like this poem very much... I can really find myself in this poem...

    A very nice work. I'll be looking forward for more...

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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