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Thread: Sleeping with Sadness

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    Sleeping with Sadness

    I sleep with sadness
    like I would a blanket,
    all tangled up in sheets
    that I have been thrashing
    at all night long.

    Because of nightmares,
    wishful thinking,
    and the noise of grinding teeth
    while I sleep.

    While I live, for that matter,
    and I keep piling on more blankets
    to try to stay warm,
    but the blankets accumulate.

    Like my sadness,
    and somehow,
    I have to wake up
    and throw all those blankets
    onto the floor.

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    Re: Sleeping with Sadness

    Well, I find this piece to be very repetitive- "blankets". It'll be more interesting if they were other descriptions and such. Still, it's ok. ^^

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