S.. L.. O.. W..
"What is it, Sprout?
What seems to trouble you?"

Either the system's runnin'
slow, or I'm workin' too fast!
Either way, I can't stand
staring at that hourglass!!

P.. A.. I.. N..
So, you called help desk
and they're gonna fix it when?

"We don't know, but they're
tryin', so just be patient.
If it makes you feel better,
everyone else is waitin'."

O.. M.. F.. G..
How slow can one
program possibly be?!

"It's not the first time that,
we've encountered this, see?
Don't worry, they'll call us
when they've fixed S.A.P."

I.. D.. E.. A..
I'll just log on AO
during this slow part of the day.

Well, I'd be on even
if I was busy anyway.
So, keep on working hard,
while I write, post and play.