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Thread: Smiles

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    The curse of a smile,
    Could such a thing be true?
    The girl who’d always walk a mile,
    To see things through.
    “Smiles are good,"
    Was the line she went by,
    Smiles were good,
    Why waste tears to cry?
    She would always smile,
    and try to spread them around,
    But being her, just a child,couldn’t see all the tears upon the ground.
    She smiled when things were merry,and even when they were hard,
    She smiled, never wary,of the hurtful glass shards.
    When others were sad and sorrowful,
    She was always there,
    She’d smile at them, so hopeful,
    And tried to spread the cheer.
    She smiled when they scorned her,
    Ignoring the cusses and shouts,
    She smiled when they slapped her,
    Never starting a bout.
    She smiled when she wanted to cry,
    Holding all the tears in,
    But then she began to question why,
    She began to give in,
    She started to notice that things became harder,
    Harder to smile, to grin,
    Why did things start to get harsher,
    How could she start to give in?
    Was it just looking for attention?
    Was her personality not enough?
    She always heard them mention…
    That all she was, was fluff.
    She had always been told that she was ignorant,
    But she had always given that smile,
    What gave them the warrant?
    Was she really that vile?
    Time after time, she gave that smile,
    And her smiles began to run out,
    And when she most needed the smiles,
    There were none left, she was without.
    Her smiles started loosing their spirit,
    As her spirit began to fade away,
    She used to have such merit,
    But things went, never to stay.
    No one could ever tell,
    When she was upset,
    She’d just smile, put on the veil,
    No tears to make her face wet.
    “Smiles are good,”
    Was the line she went by,
    So why couldn’t she now?
    “Smiles are good,”
    Was the line she went by,
    But her soul would just bow.
    “Smiles are good,”
    Was the line she went by,
    But now she could only frown,
    “Smiles are good,”
    Were the lines that echoed,
    In the blood as she drowned.

    Become a wind, unfathomable distress. I'll hold back your loneliness.

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    Re: Smiles

    Oh my god... this is the most beautiful poem I've ever read... I think... I truly, truly like it... it's wonderful... you've done such a great work here, with describing this ever-smiling girl who was destroyed by this cruel world and all the people who couldn't evalate the value of such a happy person around you.

    "A smile will save the world," I heared once, and I truly believed it and I tried to smile whenever I could... until my ex screamed at me something like: "This is not funny!!! Stop smiling like a dork!" that kind of broke me off, so I know how bad it is when people react like this to your optimism... sheesh...

    Truly a magnificent poem Seirika, I read it holding my breath and it took my interest 'till the last line and actually... I'd really want for it to go on ^^ A great work!!! Marvelous!!!

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: Smiles

    The truth speaks it all in this poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry! I's just I loved how you wrote this poem with such great words!!! GO GO GO SMILES!!!! I hope to see more of your fantastic work!!!!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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