People say when it rains, the sky is crying,
but in my mind it's more in snow that this feeling is lying.
A greyish white sky, a cold winter breeze,
all my tears seem to come up with ease.
This bleak atmostphere, without even the light of lightning,
is what I find to be the most frightening.

Snow digs deep into my memories, deep in my mind,
watches cruelly as my past it unwinds,
to the time when I was together with you,
it makes me remember our first kiss, and then what can I do
but get lost in the memory of that snowy morn,
when our "future" together was born.

If it weren't for you, I truly wish to know,
would I still cry when I see the snow?
Memories of us happy together,
even our promises of forever,
disappeared as swift as a bird's wings,
leaving behind only a pain that stings.

I hate you for not bothering to confront me,
for coming to your conclusions silently,
but I hate myself for not forseeing,
for sitting alone and quietly seething.
I wish things had been different, I wish I didn't cry,
but most of all, I just wish I'd known why.

And with this mistake revealed, that's why I wish I could know
if it never had happened, would I still cry with the snow?