Hey, I figure I have written here enough for some of you to know, or have noticed already. I'm a terrible speller so please feel free to point out spelling errors with me. So forgive my mistakes.

If your hearts tears are threatning to fall,
Let them, to your own heart be true.

To deny your heart it's release of pain,
Is the worst thing you could do.

But when it comes time to up and move on,
Pull up your boot straps and try to be strong.

The path to be alked is long and hard,
Your shoes worn thin and body weary.

But you will find your happy ending,
Once you've walked the road.

Not only that but you'll be able,
To hold your head up high and know!

You found your rainbow in the stormy sky,
All of it on your very own.

Your pride will be within YOURSELF,
You won't have to credit anyone else.

Your children and theirs will always know,
How you were so strong and continued to soldier on.