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Thread: Some of my poems!

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    Some of my poems!

    well ..never knew theres a place for poems here ...
    usually things happen in life, so it affects our way of living ....that happened to me ..so i began to write ..sad poems ...well ...is there anyplace for them here? or better keep it happy
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    For A Year

    held it all, alone for years
    my tears kept on falling
    and im only eighteen
    as the flowers have no more the beauty
    and as the grass is no more green
    opened gates of sorrow
    and hate is filling every human being
    dark every where, there and here
    no more wonders can be seen
    over the seas went the hope
    there was left my dead dream
    fell broken... broken into peices
    away from me, away from here
    send me the remains...
    by laughter, on your wings...by your tears...
    cannot be forgotten, even after years
    so many sorroful years

    and why God had chosen me?
    and why so weak?
    why they are laughing
    and why i cannot be?
    crying forever, crying so warm tears...
    burning my face, the scars of everything
    letters of past, the remains of me
    left in here
    no person to be watiting, no one can hear
    sleeping in no one's dream
    to be eighteen , with nothing but a tear
    why so left with no hope
    a hope to stay, a hope with no fear

    Further in this cold land
    and upon the frozen tears
    i saw their smile, over and had no fears
    had it all to be, but lies, for nothing
    and, mourn for everything
    alone is me, alone i fall on the knees
    looking up high, and nothing to see
    as they said to look there
    not at the ground, not for me
    not everywhere, it's all one picture i see
    up there the clouds, filled with pain
    and down where is my feet
    tears drawing old memories
    where to look them?
    to you ? .. death ? ..would u ever hear?

    So true to believe, everything had died
    and so it's me, and so where i stand
    watching time just passes by
    fake soul i had, and a life built on lies
    grew with no close ones to say hi
    when they left, they didnt even say good bye
    instead of leading you forward, they led me back in time
    what for and why it's called life, with no light
    not glwoing, doesn't shine..
    let them tell you how
    there where the place of our great one
    they fly, in a wonderous burning sky
    backing us where we are down
    but not me
    and not only the sweert red
    thopse ones had died

    Everything is gone forever
    and alone with the dead dreams
    alone witht the dying me
    alone for the eternity.
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