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Thread: Someday my heart

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    Someday my heart

    Someday i'll look up to see your smile.
    Maybe when we both can say
    the wait was worth the mile.

    Someday i'll be beside you,
    To stop all your doubts.
    Maybe when the time comes
    you'll remember who you really are.

    In the distant future,
    when you become the man i know and see.
    You are so much better,
    so much than what you see.

    Someday when you doubt,
    still fearing what you feel.
    Maybe after this you wil know that it's real.

    Someday when the distance
    doesn't seem so far to me.
    Maybe then you'll let yourself
    be truly free.

    Someday my heart,
    You'll know what i mean.
    When i say: " I'll be here."
    Maybe my heart,
    You will see that someday,
    I will be the one who makes you better and free.
    "In your arms is where i will be, I love you till my forever ends."
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    Re: Someday my heart

    Oh wow this is really good! Keepp at it! I'm looking forward to seeind more!
    The world is full of fear and despair, that is is why we must find the light in this pit of darkness.

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    Re: Someday my heart

    I like this poem.
    I think the same way when i'm with my gf.
    Keep up the great work.

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    Re: Someday my heart

    It's good to re-assure the one you love when they're doubting themselves the most. Usually, having someone to love like that does bolster the spirit. I've seen exceptions, but.........*shrug*

    I like your poetry, friend. May you get what you're waiting for sooner than later.
    NoT tHe SiGgY yOu R lOOkInG 4
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