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Thread: Someone To use

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    Being there for him
    Is like a knife that's
    Slowly cutting me
    He says he needs me
    To comfort him
    But all he does is
    Make his problems mine
    I can understand that
    He's upset, but his problems
    Should be his
    Not mine
    So all he wants
    Is someone to use

    And yes I know another depressing poem by Akura13.
    I seem to like to write depressing poems lately.........

    When you come back down
    If you land on your feet
    I hope you find a way
    To make it back to me
    When you come around
    I'll be there for you
    Don't have to be alone
    With what you're goin through
    Because I will be there for you

    Just hold on.
    Cause all of the stars
    Are fading away
    Just try not to worry
    You'll see her someday
    Just take what you need
    And be on your way
    Crying your heart out
    Just hold on

    This poem always makes my heart sad everytime
    I think about it......and lol, another depressing one!

    What do you want me to say?
    Sorry is all I can think of
    And I've told you so many times
    Sorry for what I did
    Sorry that I hurt you
    Sorry for making a mistake
    And if you still want to leave me
    That's your choice
    Because all I can ever say
    Is that one word.

    Haha, if anyone wants me to stop writing depressed
    Ones or write more happy ones, than just say so
    And I will!

    I can't count the numorouse
    Times you have said goodbye
    You say it then you leave me
    And you find yourself another
    And when she brakes your heart
    You come back to me
    But this time it will be diffrent
    This time it's my turn to say
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