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Thread: Something Better.

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    Something Better.

    “Learn how to say NO! The key to getting what you want is rejecting what you don’t want. Life is like a buffet. Take what you want and leave behind that which doesn’t fit your greatest wish. Remember this quote: 'What you walk away from determines what you walk into.' Choose wisely.” ~Rev Run

    I’ve noted this quote to memory.
    So I will not forget it.
    For all the times I tried to understand.
    I think I finally get it.

    Take only what feels good to you.
    Leave the rest behind.
    Forget responsibility,
    Or simply being kind.

    As long as you have a smile.
    And something to lust after.
    Beg them to pick up the book,
    To read another chapter.

    Walk away from all the rest.
    Focus only on what you to walk into.
    Ignoring those who’re left behind.
    And still would think the world of you.

    Wanted to “fit your greatest wish”
    But everyone one just walks on by.
    The ones who’re rejected time again.
    Tell me, why should they even try?

    If no one should accept their flaws.
    Because to be a real “Go getter”
    You’ve got to find the next best thing.
    And there’s always something better.

    But you can't look back now.
    Go on. Do what you gotta do.
    Ignoring whats left behind is easy.
    Until you find whats left behind... is you.
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