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Thread: The Song of My Heart

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    The Song of My Heart

    The Song of My Heart

    The song of my heart,
    This symphony brought upon my soul,
    Sung so many times over,
    It touches my ear and I shout with joy,

    Because of this I want to sing,
    Bring this curse upon you,
    The same one that gave me wings,
    These are your words alone,
    And they dwell among us,

    What a treasure you’ve given me!
    Why hadn’t they seen?
    Though they peaked, they shunned this invitation,
    But they want this back,
    Now that you sing this song to me,
    The song of my heart!

    I am the only one who has heard its sweet touch,
    For that I song it for an eternity,
    But for you alone,
    Then we hold on each other,
    And fly to the heavens, remain there, and sing of the beauty of the soul.
    Thank you Lasura!
    My lover speaks; and he says, 'Arise my beloved my beautiful one and come!' -Song of Songs 2:10

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    Re: The Song of My Heart

    huh thats very good oddly ive never seen you on here but your good none the less and anyone here can tell you i ussualy hate unrhyming poems and expecially peace full poems take a look at some of mine when you get a chance

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    Re: The Song of My Heart

    nice choice of words, since i understand what this poem is all about. XD feels good to know , i think you could have done better since your choice of words are not the best but still fits in. I think that this poem kinda reflects you rk. as if like how a person is talking then shouting, then talking.

    Thanks for the siggy Ky-lyrra

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    Re: The Song of My Heart

    This was really nice... I could HEAR the words. So beautiful, It made me wish I could hear my heart's song.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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