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Thread: Sonnet 7792

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    Sonnet 7792

    My perfect snowflake of nothing but lace
    A sight to behold an artists vision
    Drifts from the sky like a dancer of grace
    Carved and unique all lines precision

    Points, curves, swirls and curls all perfectly made
    Smooth and light not a single flaw in sight
    So beautifully done sharp as a blade
    Simple yet elegant no need for plight

    Inches from the ground it stands on its own
    Hundreds of others are cracked and broken
    No need for mending they cannot be sewn
    The silence of the trees no words are spoken

    In the night a glistening sheen
    In the morning a radiant sunbeam
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    Re: Sonnet 7792

    Too many complex words. There isnt a mix of simple and complex here, which makes the poem almost unbearable.
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