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Thread: Sorrow

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    I have searched and it seems to be an endless trail,
    Of hurt , journey and betrayal.
    For my heart to keep trusting,
    forever getting burned.

    My search brought me to someone,
    whose pain was the same as mine.
    All the while i thought,
    We were one.

    Now my tears don't stop
    My heart just keeps on hurting.
    It's like it's literally burns
    To breathe.

    I have to remind myself
    i have to move one.
    My mind is still numb
    My heart continues to burn.
    "In your arms is where i will be, I love you till my forever ends."
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    Re: Sorrow

    I love your poems!!! You really do have a knack for writing & capturing the feelings/emotions for the reader to grasp to get a better understanding of what the speaker is feeling...

    I felt that the speaker yearns for love & in search of it their heart always falls short, but not before it is in pieces... After it mends itself back together the heart is still full of love woes', but also still full of love... And for that is always on that "endless trail"...

    I might be wrong & isn't close on what you was trying to go for or writing about, but that is what I felt... <Thanks & keep on writing>

    The heart can't lie... Truth is... I love you!!!

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