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Thread: Sorrow and Spite

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    Sorrow and Spite

    She wears her hair in curls,
    around her neck dangle black pearls.

    Her skin frozen snow,
    her eyes black depths of perplexity.

    She walks the cold church floor,
    eyes sparkling, dancing in the darkness.

    The sounds erupt from
    her throat, through her parted lips and echo
    through the empty corridors.

    Dancing with doves, the moonlight plays across
    her delicate face.

    Gloomy days under the sadness and hate
    of life, and why bother?

    The white gown she wears, it flutters under
    the winter sky and ribbons they fly through
    the air.
    Dear Dinah...

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    Re: Sorrow and Spite

    Ummm... this is good, very good, great descriptions!!!!!! Love it... But it somehow needs a continuation, that's how I find it... I just wish to understand more about what's happening or what has happened... this is like just a perfect introduction... So I hope for more!!!!!!! ^^ Cheers!

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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