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Thread: Sorrows Of a Fallen Angel

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    Sorrows Of a Fallen Angel

    Sorrows Of A Fallen Angel

    The once heavenly angel looks at the clouds
    with tears in her eyes longing to be
    with the ones she held most dear.

    The once happy angel fell from heaven's
    sweet graces for a horrible deed
    that will never be covered
    never go away
    that can never be forgiven.

    The once loving angel feel for
    a man who lived in eternal darkness
    and had the smell of roasting cadavers
    and dieing embers.

    The once caring angel cared for
    the suffering souls in the bottomless,
    fiery pits of hell

    The once heavenly angel cries
    sweet tears of crimson blood
    running down her cheeks,
    praying for her curse to be

    The fallen angel cries for the earth
    and it's people hoping that they
    reach salvation and that the shall
    know the true meaning of love
    and that there will be no more
    war, no more bloodshed.

    But to her horror
    her prayers, her wishes
    and her cries are not heard
    by the heavens and there on earth
    she dies not knowing when
    Mother Gaia's suffering will ever

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    Re: Sorrows Of a Fallen Angel

    A beautifull poem, a wonderful poem... I just love it- it's just perfect I think. It has everything- all the emotions- sadness, anger, love and even a lill smile, tells a wonderful story about love of an angel, condemns the world, humans of how we live... nice

    I really enjoyed reading this!!! It's a wonderful work Rai and I'll be wating forward for the next one ^^

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: Sorrows Of a Fallen Angel

    OMG, it was so spectacular! It was beautiful and very creative! I love it! Hope to see more of your wonderful poems in the future!

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    Re: Sorrows Of a Fallen Angel

    thats was good....... on levels words cannot explain

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