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Thread: Sousuke Sagara's Creations...

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    Re: Sousuke Sagara's Creations...

    "Smile of Sadness..."

    Man hiding in the dark,
    Keeps stayi'n away from the light
    Sitting like his inside in a jar
    Can't control his feelings inside...

    Stands up with his chin down,
    Stands up, with his spirit that is gone
    But full of emotions that chokes and drowns
    Wishes it can also be gone...

    Walks like I had no problems at all
    You can trace in my face,
    I had no feelings to show
    But the truth is, I cry like a girl...

    Wear my mask just to pretend.
    To pretend I feel fine,
    To pretend, so no one sees me
    No one sees me I'm torn apart...

    Why I am like this..?
    I see stars in daylight,
    I see rainbows at night...
    Baby, I just want to hold you tight...

    I feel war when the rain drops,
    Then I feel cold as the sun rises up,
    lay down on the floor and stares at the sky
    Thinking, If you're really not the one...

    As the rain falls down in to me,
    My mask dissolves into my face...
    And as I see the stars the sorrow never change,
    You can still see the sadness in my eyes,
    That will never be erased...

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    Re: Sousuke Sagara's Creations...

    Don't revive dead threads that are older than 2 weeks. Please create a new thread instead in this section of your poetry. Thank you!

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