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Thread: Speaking to the Two

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    Speaking to the Two

    You have always brought me so much joy

    And you have always brought me pain and sorrow

    Comfort to speak my mind, express what was in my heart

    Fear to make me run far away

    Warm arms to hold me when I cry

    Dry kisses that make me want to die



    What I've always needed

    Always what you wanted

    Completeness so that I could stand alone

    Nothing to help me to survive

    So what will I do when I'm speaking to the both of you
    Brought together in a union I will not interfere with
    But always leaving me broken
    I can not serve you both
    For I love the one
    And hate the other...

    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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    Re: Speaking to the Two

    O.o This was like the most confusing poem making good sence I've ever read. I really wish not to go back to that terribly complicated game and get a head ache in place of this head-spin you've caused me to feel...

    This is really a great work I must say. The colors had great impact, they both are so bright, reading alone one would seem really good- the other really bad; together they showed me perfectly the confusion the lyrical "me" must feel... And the ending was just perfect to finnish it all up.

    Well only one suggestion maybe- punctuation? A bit of it would do to make it a bit less confusing, because I was on the border where it was hard to read

    But alltogether... A great work indeed!!!!!!!!!

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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