Once again i though about living and death
and i closed my eyes in my bed
i woke in the spirit world once again
but no laughter or sobing
i was a lone spirit
that crossed the holy line
witch the human kind carries on there mind
i got of the bed touch the floor
and it was cold as God's brezze
and hot as Satan anger
i got use to it but....
the sky's were red
and there rain sky blue
there was voices singing heavenly
and passionly will others cried and laugth
i couldn't see them becouse i was not dead
or removed from my body and mind
i saw ocean's dark as the red blood
and oceans clean as the skies
was these a sign?
am i in a desicion of going to roads
of God and Stan?
trees were full of life
will other beg for there time
i walk through the roads i new in real life
they were all the same and i go up
the angels play a depresive song
as i though about good and evil
evil is good and good is evil?
confused will i lived my alone life
the tone gets more inspired and relative
to my feeling in my heart
once i go up to a hill i saw to roads
a dark one and one with glorious light
is this a desicion or a rencarnation
to life and time?