I have received some criticism about my poems being to short. Rest assure I can write long poems But lets face it the longer a poem is the more boring it is. So here is my response.

On this evening a young man goes up a hill to eat his snack.
He unwraps his sandwich, but freezes as someone stands at his back.
Astounded he is to see a weeping spirit clad all in white.
Though it is dark he can see her face well, she glows with her own light.
She bows graciously before the young man, soon he feels little fear.
After she says “good evening,” he then asks her “what brings you here?”
“You have not seen me but some nights I come to the hill over the bay.
Looking for my groom, but I am hopeful he will show up to day.
He sailed the coast to get some fish but told me he would be back soon.
Said ‘Will not be more then a few days, we will wed under blue moon.’
So here I came, with anticipation at the bay I did gaze.
The blue moon came and went but on I stayed for over thirty days.
So many ships with fish did return to this port from the vast sea.
But to my horror of all the ships bearing grooms none were for me.
But tonight is another blue moon, hurts that he may think his bride,
Left him for another, see a man searching send him to this hillside.”
He promised her he would, with a nice smile she vanished into air.
On his way down he sees a man who greets, “what you doing up there?”
The youngster told this old chap that he liked the view, and came to snack.
It is getting late so he resolved round this time he should start back.
“The days a beauty in moonlight, me I got a promise to keep.
Swore to marry a woman under this moon, broke it now I weep.
I was taken of a ship for a fever, made me mad and ill.
I wanted to continue on and come at dawn, but had not the will,
With rest, medicine they told me to take a full recovery I did make.
She was not here when I returned, maybe it was her heart did break.
Tell me young man did you encounter a nice woman on the hillside,
She would surely be the woman that I wanted to take for a bride.”
So he tells reluctantly of his meeting and the news he did receive.
The old man said, “I will join her now, for your news I do believe.