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Thread: Spring reveals all: Hana- Kimi fanfic

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    Post Spring reveals all: Hana- Kimi fanfic

    Mizuki, Sano, and Nakatsu decide to go to the Hayama lodge again! What happens when they run into an old foe? What about Mizuki's crazy idea?! Basicly they go to the Hayama lodge and have some rough times and some fun times. What happens when Mizuki's secret is out? Will she go away forever?

    Ch 1
    It was around two in the morning. Spring Break had started and Mizuki had told Sano and Nakatsu that she was going to work at the Hayama lodge again. Sano and Nakatsu just looked at eachother then said they were going to go to.

    Now Sano laid awake listening to Mizuki shuffle around. He couldn't tell by her move ments if it was a bad dream or a sad dream. He knew that if she moved slowly and calmly it was a good dream and nothing to worry about.

    Mizuki moved again. Sano sighed and sat up. 'what's wrong with her?' he asked himself. 'why do I care so much.' he sighed and shook his head. He knew that answer. He got out of bed and checked on her. She had an uneasy look on her face, but not from fear. She had a frown and a few tears shown on her cheek.

    " Sano I'm really a girl." she said. They were in a cafe. She was in her boys uniform then all of a sudden a mini skirt and a tanktop. The room when black and she was in a spot light. Then Sano showed in the distence.

    "I can't believe you lied to me for so long." Sano said. He had anger in his eyes, but a slight smile on his face.

    "I love you Sano." she said.

    "it's to late for that now." Sano said. He turned around and started to walk away. Then she saw all of her friends one at a time. They had been there to and were saying bye as well not coming back.

    Mizuki fell to the floor. 'am I truley alone?' she asked herself. 'will they truly hate me for lieing?'
    "Mizuki." Sano said. Tears were falling swiftly down her face now. She had been mumbling 'alone' in her sleep. "Mizuki wake up so we wont be late." Mizuki opened her eyes. They were all read and puffy.
    ***************** end of dream
    "huh?" she asked half asleep. When she realized her face was wet and her eyes hurt a bit she woke up immediatly. She closed the curtain to her bed and wipped her eyes off some.

    "Mizuki are you ok?" Sano asked. "this is the sixth time I've woken you from crying in your sleep."

    "I'm fine really." she said opening her curtain. "I'll hurry with my bath." she got dawn and walked to the bathroom.

    While she was in there Sano had picked up her bag to set in a diffrent spot and something fell out of an open pocket. It was a journal. On the front was writen in capitail bold letters DREAM, LYRIC, AND DIARY JOURNAL.

    He opened it being as cerious as always and read the first page. 'today i finally leave for Japan! I get to meet Izumi Sano. I can't wait. i have admired him for so long. i have to disgise myself though. Unfortinatly he goes to an all boys school. I could go to the St. Blossom school for girls, but then I wouldn't be close to him.'

    He flipped through and found when Julia had come up. 'after so long I get to see Julia. she realizes that I love Sano. I do but he thinks i'm a guy so i can't tell him how i feel. Julia is such a pain but she does help out i have to admit.'

    Tired of that he flipped to her last entry. 'last night i had that same dream again. will it truly be alright to tell Sano and Nakatsu my secret? Sano keeps waking me up and sees that i had been crying in my sleep. i bet he thinks i'm just a sisy. man i hate this!'

    'so this is how she can stay so happy.' Sano thought. he heard the shower turn off so he quickly put the journal back. He started digging through his own dresser for last minute packing.

    "you go in now." Mizuki said coming out of the bathroom shortly after. Sano said kay then went in without looking at her. 'what did I do now?' she asked herself. she started messing with her things then took out her journal.

    'i think i made him mad again. or if not me then who? will anything go right today? last night i had that dream again! it's starting to piss me off but it might go better. my nerves are just worked up.'

    When Sano came out of the bath Mizuki smiled at him and asked if he was ready to go. He had said almost. He had opened his mouth to say somthing else but closed it deciding it best to keep it in.

    "why you guys ready? Io is down there yelling at me since you guys are late." Nakatsu said opeing the door to Sano and Mizuki's door. Mizuki jumped back almost geting hit.

    "be carful you ideat." Sano said coldly to Nakatsu. He picked up his bag and made sure Mizuki was following. "come on before Io gets to pissed.

    When they got to the front Io was leaning against the car peting the dog. "sorry we're late Io." Mizuki said shoving her bag into the trunck.

    "it's ok sweety." she said. She had her usual smile on, but glared at Nakatsu. "lets het going now." Mizuki and the others climbed into the car and they started off. "you will have this day off and start tomorrow. We don't have anybody coming untill the day after tomorrow so you will have half of tomorrow off as well."

    "awsome!" Mizuki said. "do you know if Rio got my message?" Io nodded.

    "she's already there." Io said. Mziuki's smile grew at the news.

    "awsome." Mizuki said. She looked out the window and took in the country senery.

    "oh and Nanba is going to helping out as well." Io added. Mizuki's eyes grew wide.

    'oh no.' she thought. 'now what will I do?'

    ****Next time.

    they arive at Hayama lodge. Mizuki and Rio go off with say nothing but bye. Curious Nakatsu and Sano follow. Rio is the only one to notice, but doesn't tell Mizuki. Instead she trickes her into describing her love! How will Mizuki react to the fact that Sano and Nakatsu heard every word?!
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