Standing Strong For Everyone

Standing here in the mist of a battle field
Standing strong for everyone
Who come to me
For everyone who needs me
Being the hope
Being the will
Or trying to be so

Not giving up
On anything or anyone
Fighting till the end
Fighting till there’s nothing left to fight
Fighting till I can’t fight anymore
Fighting till everything’s okay once again

For the ones I love and care about
For the ones who come to me
For the ones I am trying to help
For the ones I am fighting for
For myself and everything I stand for

Not running away
Not trying to hide
Not trying to escape
This reality I live among
This reality I fight
This reality I have fought
For so long
And still am doing so

For not only myself
But everyone who
Can’t fight it alone
Fighting and doing my work
As the Dark Protector
As I live my life this way
Trying to open others up
And show them the better things in life
What life is really meant to be living for
What life really means
Show them the good thing in everything
Show them the good thing in everyone

Trying to some what balance out this world
Trying to save as many lives as I possible can
Getting over my own past and pain
To help others with their own
To keep focused on the present and future
And not drown in my past
Standing my ground
Ready to fight
For what is right
For what I stand for
For everyone I am fighting for