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    ..Stations ..

    First station:

    Everyone go with the time doesn’t back, every time gone take with it the happiest memory , and the young age travel with silent death and take with it every beautiful flower in my life .

    Second station:

    Don’t go dear ,and leave me here fight this tides alone ,Don’t leave me for the dark ,painful memory , come back to me I still waiting for you there, on the memory stage ,where we stay and start talking ,where we have the first hot cup of coffee ,which still hot as you leave it waiting for you to back .

    Third station:

    Waiting without hope, tears without stopping, sighs goes up once and goes down another time .for how Long I will still doesn’t believe that you Gone ,for How long I will be dreaming that you will back again..
    I don’t know how long??

    Try New way to write a Poem ...
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