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Thread: STOP! And read a Gravitation story.

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    Thumbs up STOP! And read a Gravitation story.

    BY Shippo101

    Here we are at the studio of Shuichi Shindou and Hiroshi. Our beauty among foxs Rolanda is hanging out with her best friend Shuichi, but the catch is every one else doesn't know that she is part demon.
    P.O.V Rolanda
    "Shuichi! Shuichi!" I yelled and he turned around to see me jump on him.

    "Glad to see you too" He said to me as I got off of him.

    "How's you and Yuki doing if you catch my drift."

    "He's doing alot better in bed"

    "Is that so" Yuki said right behind Shuichi

    "Yuki!" Shuchi said turning around jumping on him. To tell you the truth i thought that was cute in an odd and twisted way.

    "Are't you gonna introduce me to your friend?"

    "Oh! This is my lover Yuki the one I told you about and this is my friend Rolanda. She came to see me preform on stage"

    "Nice to met you." He said to me reaching out to shake my hand then I grabed it and it felt as if he would fling me across the lot. After we greeted we went in side the studio were all Shuichi's magic happened. And when I said magic i mean music not the other magic. Anyways he greeted me to his friends and I seemed to take an intrest to his really funny friend that started to play with my tail. But then Yuki noticed my tail. I thought he would never notice.

    " What is that"said Yuki

    "What" I said trying to be funny.

    "That tail?"

    "Oh I was born with that"

    "Anyways" Yuki said trying to resist asking about my ears. He didn't have to ask then the funny friend Ryuichi asked for him.

    "Oh! What sparkly ears can I touch them?" asked Ryuichi

    "Yeah I guess" He then touch my ears that made skin shiver and crawl and for some reason he stoped then I wanted to say WHY YOU STOP THAT WAS FELING SO GOOD. But that would be rude...................Wait I don't care. So I asked."Why did you stop"

    "Um he thought you didn't like it you made funny growling noises." He said through Mr. Bear.

    "Oh that is a darling and so cute bunny. What is his name?"I said

    "My name is Mr. Bear." said Mr.bear.

    "Can i give you a kiss."

    "YES! YES!" I give him a little kiss a the cheek. "Thank you"

    "Do your friend Ryuichi want one"

    "Yes" said Mr.bear

    "Well he has to come and get one" I said trying to get a kiss. Just then Ryuichi came up and closed his eyes. I figured he was ready so I kissed him on the lips.

    "Wow I guess he liked it" said both Mr.K and Hiro. Ryuichi then opened his eyes but not that of a fun guy but that of a guy ready to sing his heart out. He then grabed my hand and we ran out. We ran to a tea shop not to far from the studio.

    "I like you" said the fun Ryuichi

    "What I just met you."I said with a horrified look on my face. Then he gave me a sad look. I felt as if I had broken his heart. "I'm sorry"

    "No, that's all right."

    "No, let me finsh. I am sorry that I didn't say I liked you first" I said looking happy. "I like your sweet and funny side." I walked up to him and put my hand on his face. " and I like your serious and determantion side" I said before I kissed him. We shared a loveing kiss for a second. Then when we broke a kiss he took me by the hips and hugged me. And he whispered.

    "I'lll keep you to my self because I don't want you to get ADD, HIV , or CCZD"

    "What is CCZD?"

    "I don't know but it sounds like it'll kill ya"

    "See that is why I like you. You are so funny and that was a cool joke."

    "Sparkly Rolanda"

    "Sparkly Ryuichi"

    "Sparkly Rolanda, Sparkly Rolanda, Sparkly Ro-"

    "Hey you love birds" yelled Mr.K running toward us. " Are trying to miss the concret?"

    "The concret! Shuichi will kill me if I missed it."

    "Come on! Let's go!" Ryuichi said. Then me and Ryuichi sped off leaveing nothing but burn marks behind us. We made it to the concert just in time. Me and Ryuichi got the best seats, we did evreything but lishen to the music. Me and Ryuichi sat there and talked about music and my dreams of being an american rapper. he said he could hook me up since he knew multiple music producers in america. But once the concert was over. Shuichi came to me and asked how I liked it. Since Shuichi sent me a video of him in one of his concrets and sung the same song not to long ago. I just commented that song.

    "Oh that was so good! And wow I want to be just like you!"I said trying to be convincing.

    "Sparkly Shuichi!" Both me and Ryuichi said.

    "I see you both liked it" Shuichi said smiling

    "Yes because Shuichi Sparkly" I said

    "Are you sure your mom would mind you talking to a human and a japanese human at that fact."said Hiro

    "What do they mean Sparkly Rolanda?"said Ryuichi

    "They mean that I am a Part demon and my mom is all demon and i was born in Japan but i live in China. Oh! and Hiro don't worry abut my mom she survived some of the greatest disaster like When the comit hit earth backin the perhistroic age and in world war 1 and 2."I said. But every one but Hiro and Shuichi gave me a weird look.

    "Knew you were special" Ryuichi said giving me a hug.

    "Huh!" I said confused "I though you would think I was a freak"

    "come on. He would never" said Mr.bear.

    "Thank you Mr.Bear"

    SHippo101: HI! How are you doing? Hey i forgot what I was------- Oh yeah! I want to write more but i thought about it and decided to stop here because if i did continue i would have writers block on chapter 3. I hope you liked it and be sure to check out some of my others storys or my up comeing ones. And just so ya know Rolanda will be in some more of my storys she makes them a little more intersting with her sarcastic personaily. So! Choa! Untill next time!
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    Re: STOP! And read a Gravatation story.

    lol, more of the same comedy here. Anyway, my opinion doesnt matter since i nvr seen this anime before.

    Thanks for the siggy Ky-lyrra

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    Re: STOP! And read a Gravatation story.

    OMG! YOu know Gravitation. I love this show. OMG! NEvermind that. This was so cool. SOOO COOOL!!!

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    Re: STOP! And read a Gravitation story.

    wow i love gravitation but u know wat would make it better...........................Ryuichi and Tasuha hehehe

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    Re: STOP! And read a Gravitation story.

    ROWENA!! Why didnt you tell me you wrote a story on here?! It's good, but usually you'd have me write stories for you
    ♥ (¯'·._.·[GEISHA ゲイシャ]·._.·'¯) ♥

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    Re: STOP! And read a Gravitation story.

    I guess I'd hav 2 watch the anime to understand.... or even find the humour in that.

    In all honestly.... without any background knowledge on the anime, I cant say I enjoyed it. ...... how bizzare, lol. ^_^

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